Most Amazing Facts About the Dog Brain

Do you ever wonder why dogs do the things they do? Have you wondered whether your dog gets sad, upset, or happy? There are so many amazing facts about the dog brain. If you are a dog owner or you plan to adopt a dog, it would be fun to learn more about the dog mind.

Dog brain activity is interesting. There is just so much to learn about the dog brain. Keep reading here to find out some great facts about the dog brain. 

Look at a Tangerine 

When you look at a tangerine, do you think about how small it is? Well, what if you were to look at a dog and then at a tangerine. Did you know that the dog brain is about the size of a tangerine? This means that the dog brain doesn’t have a lot of fold like the human brain does.

The human brain is about 1 to 40 when compared to the human body. The dog brain is about 1 to 125 when compared to its body. This means that there isn’t as much dog brain activity when compared to humans. However, that doesn’t mean dogs don’t have thoughts and emotions just like us. 

They Have Emotions 

Many people aren’t sure whether dogs have emotions like humans. The truth is that dogs have many of the same emotions that humans do. They can be scared, happy, upset, sad, lonely, and in pain. They can be excited, in love, and guilty.

Just look at your dog the next time they do something wrong. What do you see in their eyes? Most dogs will look very guilty. What do you see when you walk through the door? Most dogs are so excited and happy to see their owners when they come home. 

Living in the Moment 

Did you know that dogs aren’t ones for making any plans like humans do? When looking at the dog brain vs human brain, this is one of the biggest differences. Most humans get stressed out when they don’t make plans or when their plans don’t go their way. Dogs aren’t the same way. No matter what a dog is feeling, they just go about their day doing what they want. They live in the moment all the time. 

Can Recognize Humans by Their Face

You may be happy when your dog gets all excited when you get home. Maybe you just think they are excited to have someone around to play with them and give them attention.

However, the truth is that dogs can recognize humans by their faces. Your dog knows who you are. They know you by the looks on your face. They know how your looks make them feel.

If you have ever wondered why dogs take to a particular person over another person, this could be why. 

They Have Dreams

Dogs can dream, too. The electrical activity that happens during sleep is very similar with the dog brain vs human brain. Dogs can even dream about things that they do every day such as playing fetch, walking, or eating.

The next time your dog is sleeping take some time to watch them. Do you hear them making noises in their sleep? Do you see their face or eyes twitching? These could both be signs that they are dreaming. 

The Dreaded Brain Freeze

What do you do when you get a brain freeze? Doesn’t feel so great, right? Did you know that dogs can get a brain freeze, too? How is this known? Well, some dog owners give their dogs ice cream.

If a dog eats something very cold too quickly, they can get a brain freeze just like humans do. While this is only temporary, just like it is for humans, it still is not pleasant for dogs.

So, if you are going to give your dog ice cream, be sure they aren’t eating too much of it too quickly. 

Looking for dog-friendly cold treats for your pup this summer? Check out these DIY recipes!

Handling Situations

All humans handle situations in their own way. Sometimes, humans handle situations based on experiences they have had in the past.

Other times, they handle a situation based on the goals that they have for their life. Dogs don’t always handle situations like humans do. Sometimes, dogs will handle a situation based on past experiences.

However, most of the time dogs handle situations they are faced with based on how they are feeling. 


Aren’t there some pretty interesting facts about the dog brain? Whether you already have a dog or you plan on adopting one, hopefully, this information can help you understand them better. Also, when you think about the dog brain vs human brain, keep in mind that we aren’t so different. 

How big is a dog’s brain?

The dog brain is approximately the size of one tangerine. They don’t have as much brainpower as humans because their brain is smaller. However, that doesn’t mean that dogs can’t think or have emotions.

Do dogs get brain freeze?

If you have ever gotten a brain freeze, you know how it feels. Your dog can get a brain freeze, too. If you give your dog ice cream, ice, or very cold drinks or foods, they can experience a brain freeze just like humans do. This can cause them discomfort. If you are going to give your dog really cold things, be sure they eat or drink them slowly.

How do dog’s brains work?

The dog brain works in similar ways as humans. For instance, dogs process emotions and sensations very similar to how humans do. They can feel happiness, depression, anxiety, excitement, love, and many other feelings. Dogs can even be jealous. Dogs can also process situations and dream when they are sleeping.

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