Korat Cat: Everything You Need to Know

You most likely have seen a Korat cat but unfamiliar with their name. Korat cats have a distinctive look about them. They have a sleek silver/blue hue coat and striking emerald eyes that are hard not to notice.

A Korat doesn’t just possess an intriguing appearance, but its history is quite interesting. Back in their homeland, Thailand, Korat cats are known to bestow good luck. They were given as gifts for so long before anyone considered selling them. These kitties are intelligent, gentle, and never lack entertainment, so whether you are looking for a friendly feline or believe in their good luck nature, a Korat cat is one to look into!


Despite being in the western region of the world, the Korat cat, also known as the Si-Sawat cat, has traveled a long way from its original Thailand land. The Korat cat is a favorite among their Asian country. Their lovely disposition is one of luck, prosperity, and fertility. It was common for brides to receive a Korat cat on their wedding day. It was uncommon to receive only one Korat cat, but it was customary to accept them in pairs. Some Korat cats were deemed even luckier if their tails possessed stripped or crimped tails. A Korat’s lineage is one to honor as we bring them into our homes today. 


There is no lack of a ‘show’ when it comes to a Korat cat personality. Korats are more laid-back than other cat breeds, but that doesn’t mean they want to be left alone. You will not find them running out of sight when guests arrive at their home because they very much like being the center of attention. Korat cats own their household; at least, that is how they act! There is no entertainment when this playful cat is in the room, and they are excellent with children. 

Despite all of their excellent qualities, this nosey kitty will be involved in all its humans do. They like to stay close to their owners, and their curious nature sometimes gets them in trouble. Korats typically only fair-well with their owners and other Korat cats, so it might not be a good idea to adopt one with other animals in the home.

If you have other animals and have to have a Korat cat, then it is recommended to have plenty of toys for your kitty to play with to keep the confrontation down, especially when you are not home. 


It is not a secret that your pet’s nutrition directly contributes to good health and longevity. Since you are their owner, this job is now put into your hands, so it is essential to make sure you give your Korat cat the best food they can have.

An important fact that you should keep in mind when feeding this silver cat breed is that they are predators, no matter how sweet and innocent they look curled up on the couch. It is essential to provide them food that contains meat or at least derived from meat products. They will also eat 10-15 times a day, but you will rarely find them inhaling their food. Cats take nibbles here and there when they are hungry, which will suffice until the next feed. It is common to leave their food bowl out because they will decide when it’s mealtime.


Grooming for a Korat is a simple task. Their shimmery coat is low maintenance, so there is no need for an over-extensive plan of care. Korats do not shed much, so brushing is only necessary once a week.

Attention to their teeth and ears will only contribute to longevity and help prevent common diseases in cats, especially with their teeth. It is recommended to speak to your veterinarian about the best way to keep your cat healthy through grooming.

Korat Cat Care

There are many qualities of the Korat cat that can make it easy to welcome one into your family. Before you do, you should know that these cats do not like being left alone. If you are a person that is rarely home, then a Korat cat might not be the right fit for you. If you have a busy household, where there usually is somebody in the house or even if you work from home, this is the ideal situation for a Korat home. 

Leaving a Korat cat home alone for long periods can cause separation anxiety and result in devious behavior. This breed is loveable and needs consistent interaction from its owners. A Korat’s companionship is important, as you will find them by your side often, and they will take any opportunity to sit in your lap and cuddle.


There are many unique qualities that we’ve discussed about the Korat cat, which makes it an easy choice if you are looking for an addition to your family! These cats come with a fascinating history, a sweet-temper, and a playful nature which is hard not to fall in love with.

Love comes in in an ample supply when it comes to the Korat and loneliness will be a thing of the past when you bring a Korat into your home. So if you are looking to adopt a Korat kitten, be ready for true companionship in a pet!

How long do Korat cats live?

The Korat breed averages a life expectancy of 15 years. There have been cases of a Korat cat living up to 20 years old!

How much does a Korat cat cost?

Adoption would be your cheaper option ranging from $75 to $150. To purchase a Korat from a breeder will be much more expensive, ranging from $600 to $800.

What is a Korat cat?

A Korat cat in appearance has a striking silver and shiny blue coat with emerald green eyes. They originate from Thailand and bestow a history of good luck, prosperity, and fertility. They are intelligent felines with a gentle but playful disposition and make excellent house pets, especially children.

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