Here Are the Best Cat Toys for Your Feline Buddy

Cats are so cute and fun to be around. They like to play and get attention from their owners. Many people do like dogs better because they think dogs like to play more than cats. However, if you get a cat, you will see that they often love playing just as much as a dog does.

If you do have a cat, there is a lot of cat stuff that you can get for them to play with. Keep reading here to find out what some of the best cat toys are that you should get for your cat.

Cat Charmer  

Out of the best interactive cat toys you can get, the cat charmer ranks near the top. This is an old-fashioned cat toy. It is like a wand. You just wave it in front of your cat’s face and play around with it. It is quite long, so you can hold it up and have your cat swing their paws at it. You can even sit on the couch and hold the cat charmer out above the floor. Your cat can play with it from there. 

Zoomies Toy

Have you noticed that your cat likes to run quickly across the room and back multiple times in a row? This is called the zoomies. A lot of the time, a cat will do this because they have a lot of energy. If this is the case, you need a zoomies toy. A lot of the best interactive toys are zoomies toys. You can get one that has catnip in it that you toss for your cat to chase after. You can get one that has a ball at the end of it. There are scratchers that you can get for your cat that has the zoomies at night time. This way, they can keep themselves busy, instead of waking you up. 

Prowling Toy

If your cat always seems to be on the prowl, you might want to get him or her a robotic toy. Some robotic toys have 360-degree movements. Many cats will be bored with toys they have to move around by themselves. However, this toy will move by itself and your cat can chase after it. If you are busy, this is the perfect toy for your cat. It might even keep them busy for hours. 

Laser Pointer

Have you ever watched the way that your cat sits there and waits to pounce on a mouse? If so, you might be thinking that you need a mouse cat toy. However, a laser pointer is just as good. Not only do cats seem to be attracted to the light on lasers, but there is another use for these, as well. You can turn the light on and move it around a bit. Then, your cat can go pouncing on it or chasing after it. Then, you can turn the light off and your cat will sit there waiting for it to turn back on. Many cats love this game. 

Feather Wand

What cat doesn’t like feathers? Out of all the cat stuff you can get, a feather wand is a must-have. If you have a playful cat, the end of this wand is going to keep them busy and entertained for quite some time. It will be so much fun for you, as well, watching your cat play around with the end of this wand. You can hold it up and watch your cat paw at it. You can walk around with it and watch your cat come after the feathers. There are so many things that you can do with a feather wand to keep your cat entertained. 

Catnip Toys

Every cat deserves some catnip as they are playing. The good news is there are many catnip toys that you can get for your cat. Some of these are stuffed animals that you can put catnip in. There are also balls and scratchboards that you can put catnip in. 

Jingle Balls

Have you gotten your cat a jingle ball yet? If not, you should get them one or even more than one of them. These balls can keep cats occupied for quite a while. Most cats are intrigued by the sound that these balls make when they move them around. Your cat might push it all around the living room floor until they tire themselves out. 


Out of all the cat supplies that is out there today, there are many of the best interactive cat toys that you should get. Most cats love jingle balls, catnip toys, feather wands, laser pointers, prowling toys, zoomies toys, mouse cat toys, and cat charmer. Now that you know this, you can stock up on a lot of toys to keep your cat happy and entertained. 

What toys do cats like?

There are many toys that cats like. Most cats like the cat charmer, mouse cat toys, zoomies toys, prowling toys, laser pointers, feather wands, catnip toys, and jingle balls. Some cats even like the rings that go on shower curtains. Your cat might like pushing these around on the floor. You can get other balls that don’t have bells in them for your cat, as well.

What is the best cat toy?

It can be tough to figure out what the best cat toy is as every cat will have their favorite. Some cats love the interactive toys that move on their own and other cats like the basic feather wands. However, you might want to check into activity center toys, peek-a-prize toys, cat charmer toys, and laser pointers for your cat.

What is the most popular cat toy?

If you are looking for the most popular cat toy, it is going to be a toy that fulfills a cat’s need to pray on things. Most cats love to chase mice. So, you might want to get your cat a laser pointer, a ball that rolls around easily, or another toy that they can chase around and pounce on.  Catnip toys are another popular cat toy.

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