Playing With Cats: Three Reasons Why You Should

People who have cats will tell you how amazing it is to play with them! The way their eyes light up when you dangle something in front of them or the way they pounce on a ball you're rolling around is delightful to watch. In reality, cats need quite a bit of playtime to be happy. They love to chase and catch things which, in many respects, make your cat feel like they are back in the wild! Playtime with pets isn't optional. It's something that pet owners need to do to ensure their cats live a long and fulfilling life.

The best part is that playing with your cat is a lot of fun! If it's been a little while since you and your pet have bonded over some playing time, consider these three reasons why you need to play with your cat regularly!

It Gives Them Exercise

How do cats play? They play with pretty much anything. When you put something in front of them, roll a ball, or throw a fake mouse somewhere for them to scurry off and find, you're not only creating fun for you and your cat, you're also giving them fantastic exercise. Cats are born to be energetic. They're born with instinctual abilities to find and locate prey in the wild. When your cat is sitting at home, they don't get that same exercise of finding prey to hunt. The food bowl is seated a few feet away! Playtime gives them the ability to exercise in a way that's fun for both you and your cat. Playing a game with them is also the best exercise for cats.

Play Relieves Boredom

Unfortunately, while we love having our furry friends inside the house waiting for us when we come home, spending the whole day in the house (with nothing to hunt) is tiresome for your pet. Playtime breaks that monotony by providing a new activity for you and your cat to do. It allows them to use their brains (which is why it's so valuable during your pet's older years). A happy demeanor will give boost your cat's physical and mental health!

Play Promotes Bonding

Whether you're trying to bond with your feline friend or you're trying to help cats bond with each other, playtime is one of the ways to do that. Your cat will love spending time with you chasing a string or whatever ultimately you wind up doing. Of course, spending that time has the same effect on you. You'll begin to form a deeper emotional connection with your pet as well! This type of bonding is vital when you first bring a pet home. Allowing your cat to "open up" to you is one of the best mechanisms for your cat to feel at peace with their new situation.

Play With Your Cat Today

Whether you just played with your cat this morning or you haven't played with them in a while, consider playing with your cat today. It will provide you both with exercise, love, and a feeling of companionship that will improve the health of both you and your feline friend!

What do cats like to play with?

Cats are curious creatures and they play with anything and everything under the sun. Simple household items like bottle caps, yarn, plastic, boxes, and even newspapers, are enough to keep them entertained.

How long should I play with my cat?

Experts recommend that you play with your feline companion for an average of about 15 minutes per session, twice a day. Playing is also a great way for your cat to get some physical activities so playing with them for a total of 20 to 60 minutes a day can be beneficial to their health.

How to play with a cat?

To play with your cat, start by knowing what kind of objects are entertaining for them. Pet toys as well as household objects like newspapers, bottle caps, and boxes, are the most common things that cats love to play with. Have a few playtime sessions with them each day and try to provide them with a variety of items to play with.

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