As dog owners, we always want the best for our pets. We want to know that our furry friends are safe, secure, and happy. More than that, we want them to thrive - not just survive - but flourish and have abundantly joyous lives. We want them to have vitality. We want them to be healthy, active, and have lots of energy. However, it's sometimes hard for pet owners to tell if their dog is exhibiting signs of vitality. It's sometimes difficult to know whether or not they're thriving or merely content with the way things are. If you want to know that your pets are feeling exceptionally healthy, here are three signs that for which you should be on the lookout! Strong Muscles Healthy dogs are also fit dogs. If your dog is having fun and being active, then they will naturally gain muscle mass. Your dog doesn't have to be massive, but you want to make sure they are a healthy weight and have muscle definitions that you can notice when you pet them. The American Kennel Club has a fantastic reference for dog weights on their site. They break out the expected pounds by gender and breed so you can make sure your dog falls in those ranges. Healthy Skin And Coat For sick pets, one of the first signs that you will notice is that something is off with their fur. It may have lost its luster, or you may see irritations with the skin. If you see either of these things, then it's an indication that something may not be right with your furry friend. Of course, dogs get dirty, so you should be judging the fur after a bath. Skin issues can be signs of problems with digestion (allergies), fleas, malnutrition, and more. It's generally hard to diagnose what's going on with skin, so if you do notice anything, it may require a trip to the vet. No Changes To Temperament If your dog has had a fun, playful temperament and you haven't noticed any changes to it, then this is a good sign that your dog is continuing to feel well. Dogs, like many animals, can hide illnesses very well, so this should certainly not be the only cue you look for to see if something is wrong. Most dog breeds have a reasonably positive attitude. They want to play, run, be active, go outdoors, and so on. They want to be near you, and your dog is likely very excited when you want to play with them! If your dog suddenly becomes a little more withdrawn or less happy, that might be a sign that something is going wrong with them. When In Doubt, A Vet Check-Up Never Hurts Ultimately, whenever you suspect that something might be going wrong - if they're losing muscle mass, rapidly gaining or losing weight, having changes to their fur, or their demeanor is changing - a vet appointment never hurts. It's well worth the expense to know that your dog is feeling fantastic and loving life. Check out our blog and follow me on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date!

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