Burmese Cat Personality: Everything that Makes them Special

The Burmese cat breed is one that you don’t often hear about on a daily basis. Although considering how unique and outgoing their personality is, you would think you’d hear about them more in the cat-lover communities. There are several special personality traits that the Burmese cat breed tends to express when they live in a home with a family who loves and cares for them. 

Burmese Cats are Very Trusting 

This special breed of cat is naturally very trusting of their humans as well as the environment around them. This can spell danger if your sweet Burmese cat gets outside, as their survival skills are rather poor. 

The Burmese cat’s overly friendly nature can also be a danger to their safety. They don’t have the shy nature of many other breeds of cats, who will act cautiously around strangers. The Burmese cat is one that is more likely to walk right up to a stranger in an effort to make a new friend. 

They Love to Talk

When you begin to look for Burmese cats for adoption that means being ready for lengthy conversations with your feline companion. Burmese cats love to talk and would be more than happy to converse with you and your family all day long. 

The Siamese cat is known for being one of the chattiest cat breeds known to man. Since these talkative cats are ancestors of the Burmese cat, it should come as no surprise when they have plenty to say to you all day long. 

Burmese Cats are Playful and Intelligent

Adopting a Burmese cat means adopting a cat that will be a kitten for the majority of their lives. They will have the energy and playfulness as a kitten for many years to come. Not only are they playful but they are also an incredibly intelligent breed. This means that playing with your Burmese cat will always be tons of fun. 

The Burmese breed is known for their ability to learn tricks. They’re especially fond of playing fetch with their owner. But don’t put it past them to learn a few other tricks while you’re at it. Some have called this breed the “dog-cat” because of their ability to learn tricks like playing fetch. 

They Love to Show Affection

Before indulging in affections with your Burmese cat, you may be wondering “are Burmese cats hypoallergenic?” Yes, they are in fact hypoallergenic. Which would be great news. Although, it’s never a guarantee that a person would not have allergy problems with a Burmese cat. The Burmese cat loves to be around their human, interacting and observing any chance they get. Sometimes even perching on your shoulders to have a front-row seat to your activities. 

Having your Burmese cat resting on your shoulders may become uncomfortable after some time, however. This breed is known as the “heavyweight champ” of the cat world. They appear to be a slim and trim breed of cat but are more solid than they appear. They are a compact and muscular breed of cat. 

They are Super Friendly and Outgoing

Some cat lovers refer to the Burmese breed of cat as the “extrovert of the cat world.” They love to interact with humans, especially their own humans. Their charm is nothing less than irresistible when they really want to reel you in. 

Not to mention they are expert cuddlers. If a cat that will always be by your side is what you desire out of a feline companion, look no further. The Burmese cat or Burmese kittens are exactly the breeds you are looking for. This breed will never fall sort of being affectionate, as they have been known to act kitten-like even through adulthood. 

Burmese cars also have an endless sense of curiosity. They will entertain themselves for hours, exploring their environment or just watching you as you go about your day. Burmese cats are known to enjoy watching their humans from high vantage points. Sometimes these vantage points will even include your shoulders. 

The friendliness of the Burmese cat will be extended to every member of your household. This breed will get along with humans of all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens. They will make both a great babysitter and companions for any elderly family members who live in your home. Not to mention the endless entertainment they will provide with their talkative personalities and games of fetch. 

Burmese cats will also easily get along with any other animals who also live in the home. Cats and dogs both, the Burmese cat will warm right up to them given the right introduction and space to get to know one another. 


If you’re someone who loves an energetic, talkative, and smart cat, the Burmese cat might just be the perfect match for you. You and your Burmese cat will have tons of fun spending time together, having a heart to heart conversations, and maybe even playing the occasional game of fetch. Overall, this breed of cat has one of the more unique and friendly personalities compared to other domestic cat breeds that are out there. 

Do Burmese cats shed?

The Burmese cat breed is a favorite of cat lovers who suffer from cat fur allergies due to their minimal shedding. Not to mention the minimal amount of grooming that needs to be taken care of with this breed of cat. Occasional brushing is a good practice to have, but not very frequently with this breed.

How much does a Burmese cat cost?

Depending on where you adopt your Burmese cat from, they can cost anywhere from $75 to $1,000. If you find a shelter that is adopting out Burmese cats or kittens, they will likely be priced at the lower end of the price range. While a Burmese cat breeder may charge rates of several hundred dollars for a Burmese cat.

When do Burmese cats stop growing?

A Burmese cat is considered to be fully grown once they hit 18 months old. Some cat experts will say that this is the equivalent of a human reaching the age of 21.

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