Know These Top 5 Types of Parrots

Parrot birds make for excellent pets. If you've never had a bird before, the thought of having one may seem puzzling at first. After all, with a dog and a cat, you can cuddle and play with them.

They feel more "human-like" than birds do. However, there is a remarkable beauty to our feathered friends. They are graceful, intelligent, and can become excellent companions and friends. And, yes, if you get the right bird, they can even "cuddle" too. If you're looking for a parrot in particular, here are the top five types of parrots you may wish to consider!

One of the Top Types of Parrots: Budgerigars

If you ask any bird owner what their first bird was, there's a good chance that they will tell you it was a budgie or parakeet (both of which refer to Budgerigars). These small birds are popular pets because they are easy to take care of and require minimal maintenance. 

Budgies have a fascinating history. Breeders started with them in the USA in the 1850s. In particular, breeders have focused on creating various colors, patterns, and different feather variations. This breeding has led to a diverse set of budgies from which people can choose!

Budgies love to eat a variety of seeds, fruits, berries, and other vegetation. They are curious, loving, playful, and often make delightful pets. Unlike some birds, budgies are not noisy!

One thing to note is that budgies tend not to live very long. While these colorful parrots can live over ten years, it's not common. Most will pass away in 6-8 years. Therefore, that's something to keep in mind if you are buying one for your child.

African Grey Parrot

The African Grey Parrot is another one of the top types of parrots because of its talking ability. If you want to have a parrot that can repeat what you say, the African Grey is frequently the way to go (it is worth noting, though, that not all parrots will be talkers).

However, the African Grey is more challenging to take care of than a budgie, for example. The African Grey requires significant attention, exercise, and mental stimulation. These are intelligent birds that get lonely and bored without meaningful companionship. It's not uncommon for owners to spend multiple hours per day bonding with their bird and providing the necessary enriching environment for this parrot bird.

It's also worth noting that these parrots can live for 75 years. So, for most people, these birds are a genuine lifetime commitment!


Cockatoos make for another one of the best pet birds. Like the African Grey parrot, they are quite cuddly and need a significant amount of attention from their owners. This bird is not one that you can leave in the cage and not interact with - you'll need to spend a lot of time with a cockatoo to avoid it becoming depressed or exhibiting other strange behaviors. 

Cockatoos are pretty and also quite intelligent. There are 21 total cockatoo species in the world, so no matter which type of bird you want, chances are there's a cockatoo for you out there! Although these birds are intelligent, it's worth noting that cockatoos fall somewhere in the middle in terms of vocalization. Therefore, if you're looking for a bird that talks a lot, a cockatoo may not be the best choice.

Another One of the Types of Parrots: Macaws

If you want one of the most colorful parrots, look no further than the Macaw. This parrot is incredibly distinctive, and even casual bird enthusiasts will likely recognize its unique appearance. 

Macaws are beautiful parrots because of how social and vibrantly colored they are. However, they can be a little bit stubborn and get easily offended. Therefore, most people recommend that owners start with some other type of bird first. A macaw can be a handful to train!

Like the African Grey parrot on this list, macaws can live for a long time - typically up to 50 years. That means that if you do get a macaw, it's likely a lifetime commitment! 


Finally, last but not least, the cockatiel is an epic type of parrot! These birds are one of the most popular companions because they are cuddly, bold, curious, and aggressive, all in the same adorable package. Indeed, in America, cockatiels are the top pet bird. Plus, who can resist the little bit of "hair" at the top of their head?

Cockatiels are pretty talented. They can whistle and serenade their owners. They also love to spend their downtime snuggling on their favorite human's shoulder. One of the nice things about a cockatiel is that these birds tend to be ok in apartments, so if you have a smaller home, a cockatiel parrot might be the way to go. 

Cockatiels have a shorter lifespan of about 20 years. As such, for many people, a cockatiel is not a lifetime commitment!

The Top Types of Parrots: Intelligent and Gorgeous

The best pet birds are both intelligent and have a colorful, enjoyable appearance. Fortunately, the five on this list have all of that. If you want a parrot that can talk, the African Grey is probably your best bet.

If you want an easier bird to care for, try the venerable budgie or a cockatiel. Just know, though, that no matter which of the types of parrots you pick, you'll have one of the best companions ever!

How long do parrots live?

The average lifespan of a parrot varies depending on which breed it is. Most parrots will live between about 20 and 30 years. The shortest lifespans are around five years (budgies), while some parrots can live over 100 years with good genes and a little luck!

What do parrots eat?

Parrots can eat a wide variety of foods, including apples, bananas, grapes, carrots, kale, sweet potatoes, and more. Fruits, vegetables, and birdseed are the most essentials components of a parrot diet. Parrots can occasionally eat meat as well, but that should be kept relatively minimal.

Are parrots good pets?

With the right owners, parrots make excellent pets! They have a natural abundance of intelligence and love to interact with people. Parrots are very affectionate and can even become cuddly - all hallmarks of a great pet!

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Written by Leo Roux

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