How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer: 5 Ways You Need to Know

If you've been wondering how to keep dogs cool in summer, you're not alone. The summer months are often some of the worst for pets in terms of weather. While the cold of winter can be severe, the heat can be harder. Your dog has copious amounts of fur that protects them in the cold. However, the same is not valid for hot weather. Your dog can't magically shed its coat to cool off. 

Therefore, when the sun is blazing hot outside and your dog is looking to cool off, they'll be looking at you to give them a much-needed reprieve. Here are five methods for how to keep dogs cool in the summer months.

Frozen Dog Treats for Summer: One Method for How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer!

If you're looking for one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep your dog feeling cool, consider giving them frozen treats. Like humans, dogs appreciate a tasty frozen treat in the summer, and it helps keep their body temperature down. 

Even though ice cream won't kill your dog, it's not the best treat to give them. The high fat and sugar content will wreak havoc with its health and make your pet feel poor in general. The biggest reason for this is that the stomachs in dogs aren't good at handling lactose, a key ingredient in dairy products like ice cream.

Instead, consider giving your beloved pup some other frozen treats like frozen broth cubes or DIY Strawberry Banana FroYo Treats (which has significantly less fat in it), or even frozen cheese. You can freeze pretty much anything that your dog would normally eat and give it to them as a tasty, cooling treat!

Have Dog Summer Clothes Which Are Cooling

Certain fabrics cool humans off more than others. The same is true for dogs. One of the ways to keep dogs cool in summer is to put some cooling clothes on them. 

Retailers sell evaporative cooling vests that will cool your dog off on even the hottest of days. These vests use the same principle as sweat to cool dogs off. As the water evaporates, it takes with it heat off the skin. This method is what humans use to cool off and regulate body temperature, and these vests mimic it for dogs. 

Even though it might sound counterintuitive, putting the right type of clothing on your pet will make him or her feel much colder than not having it!

Dog Booties for Summer

Many dog owners forget how hot the ground can be. If you live in Phoenix, for example, where it can reach 120 degrees outside, the sidewalk that your dogs would be walking on will burn their paws. The ground itself will be about as hot as you can imagine.

Even lesser days - like 80 or 90 degrees - can still result in a sidewalk or asphalt temperature that is uncomfortable for dogs.

Therefore, you should keep your dog's feet cool as they are walking! The best way to do that is to buy dog booties for summer. Any dog booties will do, so long as they fit comfortably and consist of lightweight, flexible material. Like our shoes, those booties will protect your dog's feet from the extreme heat and prevent their paws from burning.

Take Them to the Water

Dogs typically love water. In the summer, you can use that trait to your advantage! Take your dog to the water and let them get wet. The water will make them feel much more relaxed and will give them some relief from the heat. Plus, it will be fun for them!

It is worth noting that you don't need to take your dog to the ocean or some elaborate body of water. Even a sprinkler in your back yard will suffice! As long as your dog can run, play, and jump in the water, you'll help cool him or her off!

Keep Your Dog in the Shade (and Indoors)

To the extent that you can, keep your dog in the shade. If one side of the street has lots of sunlight and the other doesn't, you should cross over to the shady side. By keeping them out of the direct sun, you'll help them feel less hot overall. 

Of course, if your house has air conditioning, you should consider keeping your dog indoors as much as possible. When it gets incredibly toasty outside, please keep your dog indoors to keep them out of the heat and make their lives much more comfortable!

How to Keep Your Dogs Cool in Summer: It Can Be Done!

Keeping your dogs comfortable and relaxed during the summer months may seem like a challenge, but it isn't, for the most part. The most significant change is to focus your activities on keeping them cool. Provide them with adequate protection and cooling activities, and you should find your dog gets through the summer without any issues!

How to cool dogs down in the summer?

There are a few methods to cool dogs down in the summer. Give them frozen dog treats (healthier ones), get cooling dog clothes, put on dog booties, take them to the water, and keep them in the shade and indoors. Those are a few suggestions, but that list is by no means exhaustive.

Do dogs shed more in the summer?

Yes, they do, but they shed the most in the spring in preparation for the summer. By dropping some of its coat, your dog is instinctively getting ready for the warmer weather. The lack of fur will reduce heat. Since the hair begins to grow back during the summer, your dog must continually get rid of it by shedding. That's why they shed more in the summer than winter, but spring is the heaviest month.

How to keep long-haired dogs cool in summer?

The way to keep long-haired dogs cool in summer is the same as for short-hair dogs. Keep them inside, provide cold treats, get them dog booties, provide cooling clothing, and take them to the water. If you provide your long-haired dog with each of these things, you'll help cool them off significantly.

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