5 Tips You Need to Know for Keeping Cats Cool in Summer

Even though DNA has shown that the ancestors of domesticated cats came from the desert, your furry feline friends will still get hot in the summer. All the fur that they have traps heat and raises their body temperatures significantly.

To make matters worse, cats don't sweat as humans do. Instead, they only sweat through their paw pads, but that doesn't have the same evaporative cooling effect that sweating in humans does. Therefore, keeping cats cool in the summer is something that every feline owner must do.

If you're looking for the best ways to keep your cat cool in the summer, here are five tips that you should know!

Keeping Cats Cool in Summer: Start with Your House

Unlike some other pets, like dogs, cats can remain indoors and don't need to go outside in the warm weather. Many cat owners prefer it that way because letting your beloved furry friend out can lead to unwanted accidents.

Since cats can remain entirely indoors, the first place to start when looking to keep cats cool in the summer is your home. If you have air conditioning, keep it running, even if you're away from the property. That way, your feline friend will have a comfortable environment. If you don't have air conditioning, consider constructing a cool, dark corner where your cat can take shelter. Cut out a big entranceway into a cardboard box and put it in the coldest part of the house, away from the windows. That will give your pet some reprieve from the heat.

Keep the curtains closed to reduce the heat from sunlight. Additionally, you can get portable AC or window AC units to help keep your home at an optimal temperature.

Cooling Pads and Ice Packs

If none of the above options work for your home or cool your cat off after being outside for a while, you can always use ice packs and cooling pads. You can wrap the ice packs in your cat's favorite towel or blanket, or put the cooling pads in their bed to help keep their temperature low when they're all snuggled in tight.

You don't even need special ice packs for this. A bag of frozen vegetables will suffice. As long as it is cold, you can lower your cat's temperature pretty quickly.

Wet Towel

Another way that you can keep cats cool in summer is to use a wet towel. As with humans, a cold, damp cloth will cool your cat's body off quickly. The cold water will decrease their skin temperature, and the evaporative cooling effect will keep them cool for a few minutes longer. 

This technique, as well as the one above it, is ideal if you're worried that your cat may have a too high temperature after being outside for a significant amount of time. These methods will cool fast and cool quickly!

Water and Wet Food for Cats in Summer

Hydration is essential for all animals in the summer, including cats! Provide plenty of cold water options for your cat to quench his or her thirst. Additionally, it may be worth choosing different food for cats in the summer. Cats get most of the hydration they need from wet food.

Therefore, if you provide your pet with nutritious wet food and a water bowl, you'll be giving them lots of options to remain hydrated. 

If your cat is picky with how they drink their water, you can try using an electric water bowl which can also keep your cat entertained. 

Additionally, lots of cats like to put their paw in the water and get a little wet in the heat. Not only does it make for great play for your cats, but it also helps them feel cooler!

Grooming Is Essential

Cat shedding in summer can indeed be pretty significant. Since cats have no alternative way to feel colder than to jettison their hair as much as possible, cats will lose their fur as fast as they can.

However, just because your cat's body is trying to lose it, doesn't mean that it will automatically fall to the floor and be gone. You can often help your pet lose the fur and be colder in the summer by brushing them. In doing so, the comb will catch the hair and pull it away from its body!

Keeping Cats Cool in Summer Is Vital

Originating from the desert, modern domestic cats can withstand quite a bit of heat. However, the summer months often become too hot for a significant number of cats, especially if there is no AC in the building! 

The best ways to keep your cat cool in summer are to keep them indoors, groom them, and provide them with refreshing water. If you feel your pet needs some more extreme cooling measures, you can get a wet towel and provide cooling pads and ice packs.

How do cats stay cool in the summer?

Cats have an instinct to seek out a lot of shade and cooler parts of the house or the outdoor areas. In the heat, you might find cats hiding in the trees' shade outside or under tables or chairs inside.

How to keep long-haired cats cool in summer?

There isn't anything different to keep long-haired cats cool in the summer than what you would have to do with short-haired cats. Keep your home cool, provide lots of water, and give your long-haired cat ice packs if he or she gets too hot. Since long-hair cats have more fur, they are more prone to overheating. Many of them shed very aggressively because of it. Therefore, if you have a long-haired cat, pay particular attention to grooming. By helping get their fur off their bodies, you'll keep long-haired cats colder!

Do cats get hot in summer?

Yes, like humans, they do. However, a cat's body temperature needs to reach 105 degrees Fahrenheit before it becomes a medical emergency. Therefore, if the ambient temperature exceeds 105F, then you should take immediate action to keep your cat cool since the heat alone will cause issues, not to mention all the cat's fur! Cats prefer temperatures that are comfortable for humans, so if you keep your cat indoors at 75-80 degrees, they'll be happiest!

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Written by Leo Roux

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