Here Are the 7 Best Lap Dogs

Lapdogs are some of the best dogs available. Who doesn't look forward to coming home after work and enjoying a nice cuddle with their puppy on the sofa watching TV? Not all dogs are cuddly, though. Some of them, like guard dogs, aren't meant to cuddle on your lap. They're the happiest outside, where they can look out for intruders. If you want a cuddly dog, here are the seven best lap dogs (plus, we'll detail how you can find the perfect pet for your family).

One of the Top Lap Dogs: Shih Tzu

The venerable Shih Tzu is one of the best lap dogs. They love children and fit into almost any family. Shih Tzu dogs are also brilliant and love to please their owners, so they tend to be reasonably easy to train. Although, dogs from this breed sometimes charm their way into getting what they want.

There aren't many better choices when lounging on the couch watching TV with a dog than the Shih Tzu.


Pomeranians are amongst the best of the lapdog breeds. Part of what makes them such good lapdogs is that they don't need much exercise like other dog breeds. You can give them a little bit of room to run, and they are pretty happy afterward to chill on the sofa with you. They also don't weigh very much, which makes them suited to be on your lap. Finally, that fluffy fur coat and cute face make for one of the sweetest dog breeds.


Chihuahuas are also some of the best of the lapdog breeds. Their small stature and loyal personality make them well-suited for sitting on your lap. Furthermore, these little pups get most of their exercise indoors, so you won't need to take them outside very much. That means more cuddling time at home!

One small word of caution, though. Unlike most of the other dogs on this list, Chihuahuas are sometimes high-strung and don't have much patience for smaller children. Therefore, if you have little kids, please consider another dog to be safe.

Another One of the Best Lap Dogs: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Spaniels are types of little dogs that are well-suited for being a lap dog. In particular, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breed is one of the world's friendliest dog breeds around. They tend to go along with their owners, so when you want to cuddle, they'll be more than happy to crawl up beside you or sit on your lap. This lap dog breed is one of the best with children and other animals, so consider the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel if you have other people in your home.


Who could resist that adorable wrinkly face? Pugs are amongst the best lap dogs around. They have a strong affinity for their owner and love to spend some time with them. Plus, those adorable eyes, giving an appearance of human emotions, have captivated people for centuries. They tend to like to snuggle on the sofa with their owners or even take a nap. 

Even though their build looks very sturdy, Pugs only weigh 14-18 lbs, making them a perfect size for lying on your lap and watching some TV!

Bichon Frise

This breed is fantastic with children, so if you have little ones around, this might be the perfect dog for you. Furthermore, they don't shed very much, so they're excellent for people with allergies. They're also incredibly cute, fluffy, and nearly irresistible. These fluffy dogs look like teddy bears! On top of all that, they love to cuddle with their owners, and they display a powerfully positive, upbeat personality. 

Is there anywhere this breed isn't perfect? Not really. That's what makes it such a popular choice amongst lap dog enthusiasts!

Chinese Crested

If you're looking for a dog with minimal hair that will also sit on your lap, the Chinese Crested is likely the perfect fit for you. It's a fantastic dog breed that loves affection and attention. Plus, its small stature means that it's delighted running around your place and will enjoy snuggling up with you at the end of the day.

The Best Lap Dogs Are Perfect for Almost Any Family

These seven best lap dogs are perfect for most families. They're friendly, loyal, and love to be affectionate with their owners. Indeed, they make fantastic companions!

If you're planning on getting one of these dogs, please check your local shelters first to see if there's one that's available for adoption. When you adopt a dog, you're doing more than gaining a loving companion for your family - you're giving a dog a second chance. According to the ASPCA, approximately 6.5 million animals enter shelters every year. However, people only adopt about 3.2 million of those, and only 700,000 find their way back to their original owners. That means there are many dogs out there that are looking for a loving home - one that you could provide them!

So, please take a look and see if your new best lap dog is waiting for you in one of your local shelters. There's a good chance it is!

What is a lap dog?

Merriam-Webster defines a lap dog as "a small dog that may be held in the lap." While that definition may be technically correct, it misses one essential aspect: the dog should also have the temperament to cuddle with their owner. Each of the dogs in this best lap dogs list above is both the right size and has the right personality to be with their owners.

What dog breeds like to cuddle?

There are quite a few breeds that enjoy cuddling with their human companions. Golden Retrievers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, and Pugs are known for their cuddly nature. Many typical small to medium-sized dogs enjoy being with their owners.

Are Beagles lap dogs?

Yes, for the most part, they are! They typically love to cuddle with their owners and enjoy a TV show or lie in bed. Beagles are genuinely affectionate dogs that love the humans that live in the household.

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