Fun Things to Know About the Brussels Griffon Puppy

Brussels Griffons are so beautiful. Even though they look like they are grumpy most of the time (similar to the famous Grumpy Cat), they can bring so much joy to your life. The griffon dog breed is very distinct in their personality.

If you are thinking about adopting a griffon terrier, keep reading here to find out some fun things about this dog breed. 

Royalty Dog

Get ready to bow down to your Brussels Griffon puppy. They are like royalty. Back in the day, the griffon dog breed was used for hunting rats in many carriage stables and houses. One day, a Belgian queen noticed a griffon terrier when she was getting in a carriage. That was the point when the griffon dog breed was considered royalty and many people still think that to this day. 

Confident Dog Breed That Is Not Common

If you ask around, you probably won’t hear of too many of your friends or family members that have ever had a Brussels Griffon dog. This is not a very common dog breed. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t great pets. In fact, with its personality, they make for great family pets. 

If you have ever had more than one dog before, you know they each have their own distinct personality. While that is true, just about every griffon terrier is confident. They love training because they get to show off their skills. Also, if you get a Brussels griffon, you will find that they are attention-lovers. They will adore anyone who gives them attention. 

Many Sizes, Shades, and Shapes

Sometimes, people might not think you have a griffon terrier when the truth is that you do. This is because there are many sizes, shades, and shapes of the griffon dog breed. Some of them have rough coats while others have smooth coats. Some of the colors they come in include tan, black, beige, red, or a combination of these.

Generally, the Brussels Griffon is between 7 to 10 pounds, however, they can be smaller or bigger, too. If you are looking for a specific shade of griffon terrier, you should check with a Brussels griffon rescue or breeder. 

Stalker Dogs with Lovely Beard

If you are going to get a griffon terrier, be ready for them to always be around you. When you turn around, they will be right there. Since these dogs love getting attention, they don’t usually like to leave their owner’s side. They are extremely affectionate. If you let them cuddle or sleep with you, you can bet they will do this every single day and night. 

Do you know those men that can grow long, full beards? Well, they don’t have anything on the griffon terrier. These dogs have lovely beards. They put lumberjacks and hipsters to shame. Most people think the beards on griffon terriers are so cute. 

Pro Athlete at Work 

Many people think that because the Brussels Griffon is so small, they won’t be very active. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many people consider the griffon terrier to be a pro athlete. They love all sorts of tasks and activities. Most griffon terriers will jump over poles, run through tunnels, and ace all obstacle courses. They enjoy playing fetch and doing other athletic activities, as well. 

Similar to Cats, Excellent Communicators

Another fun fact about the griffon dog breed is that they are very similar to cats. They love to climb everything and anything. If you have a perch in your house, whether that be a cat perch or a couch, you can bet your griffon terrier is going to be all over it. 

Have you ever had a dog that loved to communicate and did it well? If not, you should get a griffon terrier. They are excellent listeners. If you are trying to teach them something or tell them to stay, they are going to listen most of the time. However, they also like to be vocal and talk back. The griffon terrier is known for huffing and grunting when they are talking back to their owners. 

Get a Squad

If you do decide to get a Brussels Griffon, you might want to think about getting two of them. Most griffon terrier dogs don’t like to be alone. They want another griffon terrier to spend their time with. If you do get two of these dog breeds, you can expect that both of your dogs will become best friends with one another. 


There are so many different dog breeds that you can get for yourself and/or your family. However, you may want to think about getting a griffon terrier from a Brussels griffon rescue or breeder. These dogs are so fun and unique.

While they aren’t a popular dog breed, they are very loving and playful. They enjoy getting attention all day, every day. They are also very smart and confident. When it comes to training, you can expect your griffon terrier to catch on quickly. If you want a dog that communicates with you, this is the dog for you. 

What is a griffon?

If you are thinking about getting a griffon terrier, it is best to understand a bit more about these dogs first. This is a dog that was originally bred as a hunting dog. They hunted mice out of carriages and houses.

Are Brussels griffons hypoallergenic?

If you are looking for a hypoallergenic dog breed, the Brussels Griffon is going to be one of the closest you can get. While no dog is completely shed-free, this dog comes close. They shed very little and have very little dander, as well. Also, the Brussels Griffon doesn’t drool or slobber like a lot of other dog breeds do.

Do Brussels griffons bark a lot?

If you are going to get a Brussels Griffon, it is important that they get a lot of attention. They need interaction from their owners and it is good for them to have a puppy friend, as well. Most Brussels Griffons are great with cats, too. As long as they are being socialized daily, they won’t bark much. However, these dogs do like to talk back, so you can expect them to huff and grunt when they are communicating.

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Written by Leo Roux


We have a griffon , a little girl we rescued from a shelter know nothing about them. I saw her picture and fell in love. We ran to the shelter knowing
nothing about her but the picture on the computer. She isn’t a pure bred
but who cares at this point? Best dog ever. And some stories I could tell
but not now, Just get one if you can. Particularly great for us old foggies .

Anita on Mar 01, 2022

I would like to find another griffon (rough coat ) I lost mine in 2016 he was 12yrs.
Best pal ever.

Lisa Hazen on Apr 01, 2021

Does anyone know where I can find one?

Serena on Mar 31, 2021

I’m looking to get brussel griffon smooth hair
Any suggestions?

Vicky Maliszewski on Mar 31, 2021

These dogs are so adorable ..smaller than my cat love them . Thanks for the interesting facts about them

Frances on Mar 28, 2021

Griffins are “not popular” because they are so difficult to find! I have had 2 Griffins; the 2nd is a full-breed, but was rescued from a HIGH KILL shelter! Once you procure your puppy and have him in your life, you will always want one in your life. The death of my 1st Griffon was the worst day of my life.

Louise on Mar 28, 2021

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