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Cats definitely hold their place in television and media history, especially a select few well-known cats who have made a name for themselves. Some date back a couple of generations and maybe foreign to the younger folks of today. Many people would not be ashamed to admit that a cat was their favorite character in a movie, versus their human co-stars. 

There are many famous cats that have left their paw print in our hearts and deserve to be recognized for the smiles and happiness that they have brought into our lives, collectively. Below, you will find a list of the top 10 most famous cats in history. 

Top 10 Famous Cats

Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat is arguably the most famous cat in history, as we all have been able to relate to her grumpy demeanor on some level. Tardar Sauce found her place on the internet in 2012 when a picture of her grumpy mug went viral because of a Reddit post. 

Internet users were surprised when they learned that this was her true face and that no photoshop was present. Tardar Sauce’s owners state that she is a very happy cat at home, and not to let her appearances be deceiving. 

Ted Nude-Gent aka Mr.Bigglesworth

If his name isn’t already hilarious enough, you probably were laughing even more when you watched the movie(s) he was in. Ted Nude-Gent is famous for his role as Mr.Bigglesworth, Dr. Evil’s cat in the Austin Powers series of movies. 

Reports from the time of filming state that Ted was especially fond of Mike Myers, the actor who played Austin Powers and Dr.Evil, among many other laughable characters in the movie series. 

Lil Bub the “perma-kitten”

Due to some genetic mutations, the cat named Lil Bub became world-famous for his perpetually small stature. Anyone who has ever owned a kitten wishes that they could stay small and cute forever. 

The owners of Lil Bub did all that they could to give this tiny cat a happy life, despite his genetic condition of dwarfism in addition to him having osteoporosis. Lil Bub’s family was able to raise funds to help get Lil Bub the medical treatment he needed, but unfortunately, he passed away in December of 2019.

Cole and Marmalade, known for their videos on YouTube

This duo of rescue cats are, for sure, the feline version of “starting from nothing.” Cole was found on the side of the road when he was merely 6 weeks old. Marmalade was adopted into the family sometime later when they were no longer wanted by their previous owner. 

They were best of friends immediately and were launched into stardom when they became YouTube famous with over a million subscribers. Their videos are great for anyone who loves cats and needs a little pick me up in their day. 

A Stray Cat named Bob

The stray cat turned movie star, Bob’s story is one of the most heartwarming stories of a stray cat who finds a loving home. Bob met his to-be owner, a homeless ex-drug addict when he wandered into his home looking for someone to help him with a wound he had on his leg. 

After turning each other's lives around, Bob and his new forever owner became two peas in a pod. Their story was so incredibly sweet, it was later made into a movie where Bob was able to play the role of himself. 

Orangey who Started on Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Known for his poor work ethic, Orangey was the cat who played “Cat” on Breakfast at Tiffany’s, as well as a role in The Diary of Anne Frank, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and the Beverly Hillbillies. 

Orangey would often pick and choose the days he felt like working, and disappear for some time if acting was not on his agenda for the day. Otherwise, he was a very successful cat and was able to score himself two Patsy awards in his lifetime. 

The Hipster Cat named Hamilton

Known most famously for his fur markings that appeared to be a mustache under his nose, Hamilton easily became Instagram famous for his faux facial hair. His owner met him at the humane society where he lived after being rescued from a feral colony of cats. The two fell in love instantly, and the rest was history.

Mrs.Norris from the Harry Potter Series

Mrs.Norris, FIlch’s cat from the Harry Potter series was actually played by four different Maine Coone cats. Each of these three cats was picked for abilities that were unique to each cat. 

One was trained to walk in hallways and stop on a certain spot, one was good at staying very still, one was trained to jump onto the shoulders of the actor who played Filch. The final Maine Coone would sit still and look around on command. 

Venus the Two-Faced Cat

Venus is the Instagram famous cat whose face is a half red tabby with a blue eye, while the other half is a black tabby with a green eye. She was adopted by a family in North Carolina, where she was launched into internet fame when her photo went viral on Reddit, followed by thousands of follows on YouTube and Instagram.

Nala the Crossed-eyed Cat

Despite her lack of television notoriety, Nala became famous for her record-breaking number of Instagram followers. Nala earned her spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the cat with the largest Instagram following. The trait that brought Nala to her Instagram famous status is her adorably crossed eyes. 


Cats are special little creatures that can easily get a person’s attention, and even more so, win the hearts and subscriptions of millions. With their unique personalities and sometimes one of a kind features or talents are what have skyrocketed these 10 famous cats to their status of fame and fortune. 

What is the most famous cat?

The most famous cat and most recognizable is Tardar Sauce, known to the world as “Grumpy Cat.” He has been very present on many social media platforms, as the face of millions of memes that describe grumpiness and sarcasm.

Why is grumpy cat famous?

Grumpy cat is famous because of her perpetually grumpy facial expression that quickly went viral across the internet.

What are famous cat names?

Some of the more famous and well-known cat names are of cats that exist in cartoons or television shows. These names include Garfield, Sylvester, Figaro, Nermal, Tigger, and Simba.

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