Coolest Facts About the German Pinscher

Would you like to have a German pinscher? These dogs are muscular and powerful. However, they are also very graceful, too. If you are considering adopting this type of dog, you should learn more about them. Keep reading here today to find out the coolest facts regarding the German pinscher.

Originated in Germany

Just as the name suggests, the German pinscher originated in Germany. They came about during the 19th century after various herding breeds were mixed. The main goal was to have pinscher breeds that would exterminate rats and mice from houses.

The other purpose for the German pinscher was to have them serve as a guard dog for their family. If you are looking for one of the best personal protection dogs, the German pinscher would be perfect. 

Great at Sports Activities

Are you looking for a dog that will play fetch and do various other sports, as well as activities like hiking? If so, you will love having a German pinscher. Out of all the pinscher breeds, the German Pinscher is one of them that is most interested in sports activities.

They actually enjoy doing obedience and agility training. Do you have a sporting activity that you would like your dog to do, such as running, obstacle courses, or playing fetch? If so, this is the dog breed you should get. 

Perfect Appearance

Many people find smaller dogs too annoying. Others think that smaller dogs don’t make great pets. There are also people who believe that larger dog breeds are too uncontrollable because of their size. The truth is all dogs have their own personality.

With this being said, you can get the perfect personality and size when you get a German pinscher. These dogs are fun to be around. In addition, they only get to be between 17-20 inches tall from their feet to their shoulders. They will only weigh between 25-45 pounds. They are the perfect size - in between smaller dogs and larger dogs. Also, since the German pinscher has such a short coat, you don’t need to groom them much either. 

Amazing Temperament

Are you looking for a dog that has good temperament, one that is smart, assertive, and confident? If so, you might enjoy having a German pinscher. These dogs can learn just about any trick. However, it is important that you commit the time to teaching them. Consistent training will lead to a more disciplined and well-behaved dog.

Whether you are hoping to teach your new dog just the basic tricks or some of the more advanced commands, a German pinscher can learn it all.

Getting a Watchdog

Would you like to have a dog that will watch over your family? Maybe you have children and you want a dog that will keep an eye on your kids while they are playing outside. The German Pinscher was originally bred for being a guard dog. They are territorial, alert, and extremely loyal. These dogs aren’t going to hesitate if their family needs them. 

They Can Smile

Did you know that the German Pinscher can smile? Many people who own this dog breed say they absolutely love the way their dog grins or smiles. If you are playing with your German Pinscher, pay attention to their face. You will notice that they seem happy when they are enjoying themselves.

Most dogs just have the same look on their face all the time. However, you will know when these dogs are happy because it will be written all over their face. 

Can Live Anywhere 

Due to the size of the German Pinscher, they would make for a great pet no matter where you live. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house, the German pinscher could be healthy and happy. As long as you have a place outdoors for your dog to roam and play for a little bit each day, they can still be amazing pets. 

Love to Run After Cats

You might see dogs running after cats in the movies and think it is just something people say. However, the German pinscher takes this seriously. Since they were originally bred to be hunting and guard dogs, they love to run after cats. If you have any cats in your house, this might be something that you want to consider before getting a German pinscher. 

Boredom Sets in Easily

If you are planning to get one of the pinscher breeds, it is important to know that they get bored easily. The German Pinscher does need room to play every day. While they should get outdoors for a bit every day, if that isn’t possible, you should play with your German pinscher indoors throughout the day. This will help to build up positive habits in your dog and help to keep them healthy, as well. 


If you are looking into getting a German pinscher, there are many cool facts that you should know about this dog breed. Above, you have read some of the most interesting facts about the German pinscher.

Now that you have these facts, you can decide whether you are going to get a pinscher puppy as your new pet. If you do decide to get a German pinscher, as long as you spend quality time with them, they will be happier and healthier. 

How big do German pinschers get?

Many people want to know how big the dog breed they are planning to get will be when they grow up. If you are thinking about getting a German pinscher, you can expect them to get between 17-20 inches when they are full-grown. They will usually weigh between 25-45 pounds when they are an adult.

How much are Doberman Pinschers worth?

Generally, you can expect the cost for a Doberman pinscher to be between $1,500-$2,500. This is the cost when you get this dog breed from a reputable and licensed breeder. If you are going to get a show-quality Doberman pinscher, you will probably be paying $2,500 or even more. Some Doberman pinschers cost more than $3,000.

How much does a German pinscher cost?

If you are considering getting a German pinscher, you can expect to pay between $1,400-$1,600. However, the cost can vary depending on where you are getting the German pinscher from. For instance, if you get this type of dog from a breeder instead of a shelter, you will be paying more for him or her.

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