Best House Dogs That Will Complete Your Family

Adopting a canine is an important decision and shouldn’t be made on a whim. A new dog is not just an animal, but it will become part of your family, so choose wisely. Each breed has its own character traits and needs that have to be met, or you will run the risk of the possibility your pup will get into trouble. We will introduce you to some of the best house dogs, which we hope will help you decide which dog you will bring home to your family.

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a House Dog

There are many important factors to consider when choosing the right breed for your family. The size of the dog, grooming, attentiveness, and overall demeanor. We will dive deeper into these, and we even compiled a shortlist of some of the friendliest dog breeds to give you a headstart on your research to find the perfect pet for you!

The size of a dog might be something you consider when making your selection. Your lifestyle and lifestyle might be the determining factor in choosing the right size for you. Do you have an active lifestyle, a large yard for your dog to roam, or you want to take your pup for hikes?

Maybe consider a giant dog that can keep up with you. Are you more laid back and have a smaller place like an apartment? Perhaps small dog breeds are the better fit for you instead.

The grooming of your pup tends to be overlooked but shouldn’t. Is shedding not going to be a big issue for you, or do you need a low-shedding dog? It is not possible for a dog to not shed at all, but some breeds are pretty close. The energy of a dog varies throughout the breeds. Some breeds need more attention and exercise than others. Some examples would include the American Bulldog, American Foxhound, Australian Shepherd, and the Beagle.

The energy levels of a dog often coincide with its demeanor. Usually, a person wants their house dog friendly, so we thought it would help if we compiled a quick list of some of the friendliest dog breeds!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This friendly breed is excellent around all ages. They are not only pleasant, but they are one of the more loyal breeds. This fact helps when training a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. They are active and are always up for a good walk or an old-fashioned game of fetch. 


Poodles have an unfortunate reputation for being a snooty breed, so it is surprising to know that this breed’s demeanor is quite the opposite! They are not just elegant and clever, but they are also friendly!

The poodle can be a variety of different sizes, are impressively athletic, and have a strong trainability about them, making them an excellent choice for a house dog.  

It is hard to find a dog that does not shed completely, but the poodle is pretty close. They are deemed one of the best house dogs that don’t shed, and we have their thick, curly hair to thank for that.

Golden Retriever 

There should be no shock that the Golden Retriever made it on the friendliest house dog list. They are one of the most popular dogs to own for a family, especially if children are involved. They are loyal, easy to train, lovable, affectionate, and you will most likely always have them by your side. They are good with other animals as well, so if you have multiple pets, a Golden Retriever might be an excellent addition to your home! 

Boston Terrier

We have talked about larger breeds, but if you are not looking to commit to such a large dog, why not look at a Boston Terrier. This breed usually doesn’t tip the scale more than 25lbs, so their compact size is appealing. Don’t let their small stature fool you; even though they are easily portable but they are also active and fancy themselves to a game of fetch. They act well around people, and like the poodle, they are one of the best house dogs that don’t shed.


Sticking with the smaller-sized breeds, the Beagle is an excellent choice for a house dog. Their cheerful nature is infectious, and you won’t help but smile when this dog runs up to you. They are another breed that gets along with other dogs, so a puppy play date, an outing to the dog park, or joining a house with other pets will all fair well with the sociable Beagle. There’s no wonder this compact, floppy-eared, well-mannered pup has made it onto the friendliest house dog list! 


We understand the commitment it takes to choose a dog for your home. Everybody’s home-life, lifestyle, and living situations are different, so it is wise that you are here doing your research before taking that leap into dog ownership! It is essential to look at these aspects of your life to choose the right companion.

Do you need a low-shedding dog, high-energy, friendly demeanor, etc.? These are all critical questions, and I hope that we could shed some light on some of them for you. 

What is the best house dog?

It is hard to say what the best house dog would be because each person will need different needs met when choosing a dog to join their home. Our advice would be to take your time and research the characteristics you are looking for in a pup. This will help you narrow down the breeds that would best fit your lifestyle.

What is the smallest dog breed?

The Chihuahua would be at the top of the list for the smallest dog breed. Its close counterparts would include the Yorkshire Terrier, Brussels Griffon, Maltese, and Pug.

What dogs are good with kids?

It is best to stay in the category of friendly and loyal dogs when choosing a puppy around kids. These can include the Golden Retriever, Beagle, French Bulldog, and many more.

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