Best Cat Breeds for Families with Kids

Deciding to welcome a feline into your home can be both an exciting and confusing time. There are so many factors to consider, especially when there are children involved. What is the right breed of cat for me? What exactly are the best house cats to have and to welcome into my home? How will my child react to a new member of the family? Of course, parents only want the best for their children, but it is imperative to understand the breed of cat you are preparing to welcome home and what that may mean for your household. 

Cats with Children

Cats are truly magnificent animals and make excellent companions. They are relatively easy to care for and will typically offer a balance between affection and independence. In the right circumstances, with the right breed, your new pet will fit right in. Having a cat in the home means welcoming a fantastic animal to play with during the day and relaxing in the evening. Finding the right breed for you and your family takes time and patience. It also requires research on your part and reflection on your obligations. One of the most imperative aspects to reflect on when searching for the right breed of feline for your family is identifying your family’s behavioral profile. Are you an on-the-go type of family? Are your children young and playful, and full of energy? Does your child have any special needs to tend to? These are essential questions to ask when exploring the best types of cats to have in your home. 

Lively Cat Breeds

When you identify the criteria of the best type of cats to have in your home, we encourage you to consider how much “excitement” or “tranquility” is in your home. If your home is filled with laughter, energy, and animation, the following breeds may be suitable for you. Some cats are more energetic than most and might turn your house upside down a bit, but always in good fun. These are the types of cats that will run across your body when you are sleeping or try and jump from the couch onto your television. It is essential to know the demeanor of the cat breed that you choose before bringing them into your home. 

Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian cats are loyal, fun, and full of energy. They love to play with adults and children alike. They are also affectionate and patient, which is an essential factor to consider in a home with children. Abyssinian cats typically live from 9-15 years and do not require much grooming. Once a week will suffice for this low-maintenance breed. 

Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are brilliant and love to play. Having children present is the perfect remedy for this social, curious, and exploratory breed. Siamese cats are very affectionate and loyal to their owners - young and old alike. They also get along with other furry friends, which is a bonus!

Laid Back Cat Breeds

If a hyper-energized cat breed is not exactly what you are looking for, your dreams of being a cat owner are not up in flames. Some species are more docile and will happily lay on your lap and purr while you pet it. In some situations, the family cat needs to be more relaxed. For example, some children are more prone to anxiety or have special needs. The best house cats to have in these situations may be ones with more calm, serene demeanors. You may find yourself asking what the best breeds to look for in this case are? The following species would make an excellent pet for children and adults alike.

Maine Coon Cats

These affectionate cats are often referred to as the “golden retrievers” of the feline world. Maine Coon cats love to cuddle but will also play an excellent game of fetch when the time is right. They are patient enough to withstand a bit of playing dress-up as well! They are highly kid-friendly and very adaptable. 

Ragdoll Cats 

These cats are mostly relaxed and loving and tend to create long-lasting bonds with their family. They are a very loyal breed! Ragdoll cats thrive within social situations and love to be with the family. They are easy to groom, are not highly energetic but are very affectionate. 


If you have found yourself in a situation where you are prepared to take on the responsibility of adding a furry family member to your home, we hope this list has given you a good mixture of options. Whether you are looking for a lively cat to play fetch with or even walk on a leash or a calm kitty to watch your favorite TV shows, each of these breeds brings its playful personality that will be a perfect addition to your family. 

What is the best type of cat to get?

With so many factors to consider, we encourage you to explore your needs further before committing to a specific breed. It is essential to understand the dynamics of your family before you can determine what type of feline friend will fit in best. Remember that pets are a long-term commitment, especially cats, so take your time and enjoy the journey of welcoming a new companion into your home.

What is the best family cat?

If you are looking for a cat that will fit into your family unit, playing and relaxing, we’d recommend exploring the Devon Rex Cat breed further. The Devon Rex is playful and energetic, loyal and loving, and best of all - this breed has minimal shedding, making clean-up a breeze!

What is the best cat breed for a child?

The best cat breeds for a child would be those who are playful but also gentle. The breeds that are on the top of the list are the American Shorthair, Birman, and Ragdoll, among others that are suitable.

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