A Dog for All Dog Lovers: Low Maintenance Dogs

Some dog breeds can be quite the handful, between grooming, hygiene, special diets, and even behavioral problems. Not all dog lovers have the time or resources to keep up with high-maintenance dog breeds so they may not be the right dog breed for them.

Thankfully there are a few special breeds of dogs who are as low maintenance as they get. Breeds such as the Boston Terrier, Brussels Griffon, French Bulldog, Chihuahua, and Grey Hound are typically good dog breeds for dog lovers who can't handle a high maintenance canine. There aren’t too many non-shedding small dogs out there, but a few of the following breeds are known for their minimal shedding, which is a relief for dog lovers with allergies.

Boston Terrier

Most dog lovers can instantly recognize this small black and white breed of dog. The American dog Boston Terrier sports an adorable fur coat that gives them the appearance of wearing a tuxedo. Who wouldn’t want to own such a well-dressed dog? The Boston Terrier, as a breed, is a very low maintenance dog.

The amount of exercise they require can vary with their personality, but generally, a Boston Terrier is happy to get out for a walk at least once a day to stretch their legs and sniff some trees. The Boston Terrier is one of the small dog breeds who is known for its minimal shedding as well if you weren’t already convinced that they were the right fit for you. 

Brussels Griffon

This goofy and affectionate little dog is another breed that makes a great low-maintenance canine pal. They do sometimes have a rather energetic personality, but nothing a daily walk or some playtime can’t fix. Beginning their training at a young age is an important step to help mitigate this energetic side as they grow older. The Brussels Griffon doesn’t grow much bigger than 8 pounds and requires minimal dog grooming. Making this little goofball the perfect low-maintenance pet for any family. 

French Bulldog

Don’t let the name “bulldog” throw you off. The French Bulldog is the sweetest, most mild-tempered little dog you might ever meet. As far as low shedding dogs go, the French Bulldog definitely falls into that category. They have a short coat of fur that doesn’t need much beyond regular bathing and maybe some occasional brushing.

These dogs have a wonderful temperament and they also don’t mind much whether they get out and exercise often or not. The French Bulldog will adapt to whatever lifestyle you and your family live. Whether you want to go out and walk daily or not. 


It's as though the Chihuahua was made to be a breed who is down for doing anything and is compact enough to come along no problem. If a Chihuahua sounds like the perfect match for you and your lifestyle, just be forewarned that training will need to take place immediately. They aren’t very difficult to train but can act rather independently if they are left to their own devices as they grow older. Chihuahuas are also well known to be a rather “yappy” small dog, but this is also something that can be worked on with some training at a young age. Taking into consideration how tiny these little dogs are it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that they don’t need much in the way of exercise. Simply going up and down your stairs once or twice a day is a lot for them as it is. 


This large breed of dog may not sound like one who would be low maintenance, but their personalities might surprise you. The Greyhound is well known for its speed and racing abilities, but they actually love to just lounge around on the couch at home with their family. They may be able to run fast, but they surprisingly are not a high energy breed of dog. Because of their large size, regular exercise is recommended. Such as daily walks and even the occasional trip to the dog park to run around for a bit. 

Their size may make them a difficult apartment pet to own but being that they just love being a couch potato, it’s not an impossible feat to have a Greyhound in your apartment. If you love the idea of owning a Greyhound but find their size to be a bit intimidating, consider looking into adopting a Whippet. They resemble the Greyhounds in looks as well as in personality but are much smaller, which might be more manageable for some dog lovers. 


Life gets crazy between work, school, and various family matters. However, these things shouldn’t stop you from adding a dog to your family and household. Low maintenance dogs such as the Boston Terrier and Chihuahua are incredibly adaptable to you and your particular lifestyle. The above breeds are also known well for their calm temperaments and minimal grooming needs. Making them all perfect picks for a low-maintenance dog breed to adopt. 

These breeds may be low maintenance, but they still do require daily love and caring. Such as being let out to do their business, as well as being fed and given fresh water. Low-maintenance dogs are different from animals such as cats or fish, they still need their owner to be available for their daily needs. 

Do Terriers shed?

Most terrier breeds are known for being a dog that sheds very minimally, or not at all in some cases. Their fur coat is short and wiry, making them the perfect match for a dog lover who struggles with allergies or just doesn’t want to deal with lots of loose furs.

What type of dogs doesn’t shed?

Terriers are one of the top dogs known for their minimal shedding. Poodles, Shih Tzu, and the Brussels Griffon are a few other dogs that are known to shed minimally. These dogs typically have more of a “hair” coat than they do fur.

What is the best dog to own?

If you're looking to own a dog that doesn’t shed, or at least keeps the shedding to a minimum, a terrier would be one of your best options. Terriers are small, loving, and tend to keep their fur coats to themselves as far as shedding goes, making them a great low-maintenance dog breed.

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Written by Leo Roux

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