What You Need to Know About the Miniature Shar-Pei

Many people think the miniature shar-pei is so adorable. These dogs look as if they are wearing extra skin. However, regardless of their looks, most of the miniature Shar-Peis are adaptable, loving, affectionate, confident, and playful. If you are looking for one of the wrinkly dog breeds, but a smaller version, the miniature shar-pei might be perfect for you. You can keep reading here to find out more about these Chinese dog breeds

Miniature Shar Pei History 

If you are looking to adopt a dog with rolls, you may find the history of the miniature shar-pei to be quite interesting. Basically, the miniature shar-pei is a little Chinese shar-pei. Over time, they were bred to be even smaller than the Chinese shar-pei. However, they still have the same history as the normal-sized shar-peis. 

These wrinkly dog breeds started in Guangdong, a China province. A bit later, these dogs were bred to hunt down and fend off the wild board in the area. While some people tend to believe that this is one of the Chinese dog breeds that is ancient, this may not be true. The earliest signs of the Shar-Pei are in statues that look a bit like these dogs. These statues are dated to 200 B.C. However, some people think that those statues are another dog with rolls and not the sha-pei. 

Quick Miniature Shar-Pei Facts

If you are looking into getting one of these wrinkly dog breeds, it would be good to know more about their basic facts. The quick miniature shar-pei facts that you may want to know include the following:

  • Usually 25-40 pounds as an adult
  • Usually live to be between 9-11 years old
  • Usually are active, alert, loyal, and playful 

If the size and personality of these wrinkly dog breeds intrigue you, this might be the type of dog that you want to get. 

Miniature Shar Pei Personality

As just mentioned, the miniature shar-pei is usually playful, loyal, alert, and active. They're one of the best medium-sized dogs that you can have. When it comes to wrinkly dog breeds, these dogs are sometimes more active than the others. They are often quite independent, too. However, if you are looking for one of the Chinese dog breeds that are devoted to their owners, this might be the dog for you. These dogs tend to be great companions. They often love car rides and love spending time with the members of their family. 

Most of the time the miniature shar-pei will be calm. However, at times, they might be a bit rambunctious. As long as you play with your dog with rolls, miniature shar-pei, regularly they should be well-behaved. 

Caring for a Miniature Shar-Pei

Just like any other dog, before you adopt a puppy or dog, you should learn how to best care for them. When it comes to miniature shar-peis, there are some tips that will help you to provide the best care.

The first thing to note is that you should feed miniature shar-peis high-quality, vet-recommended dog food. There are dog foods specifically made for medium-sized dogs. However, you might want to get food that is also made for active dogs, since the miniature shar-pei is often energetic. The dog food that you get should also have protein as the 1st ingredient. The other ingredients should be minerals, vitamins, vegetables, and fruits. 

Another thing to note about the miniature shar-pei is they are so smart. When it comes to training these wrinkly dog breeds, you can expect them to do very well.

They especially listen well if you are using treats to train them. Even so, it is important to keep training sessions quite short, since they like to be independent, too. 

Lastly, you should take your miniature shar-pei on a walk every day. This will help to ensure they stay healthy and happy. 

Miniature Shar-Pei Grooming

Another thing to think about before getting one of these Chinese dog breeds is the grooming process. Some of the things that you should know about grooming for the miniature shar-pei include the following:

  • Brush them once or twice every week using a grooming mitt or rubber mitt
  • Give them a bath once every 2 to 3 months (unless they get excessively dirty before that)
  • Dry them after their bath (be sure to dry between the wrinkles)

As long as you follow these tips, you should be able to keep your miniature shar-pei’s skin in good health. 


Now that you know so much more about the miniature shar-pei, you can be prepared to bring one of these wrinkly dog breeds into your home. With all the great qualities that this dog with rolls has, it is so easy to understand why many people find them so adorable and fun. 

Do shar-peis shed?

Generally, the Chinese shar-peis don’t shed all year long. However, they do usually shed in the spring and then in the fall. Your miniature shar-pei’s skin might look like that of a horse during these seasons. This is why regular brushing and bathing is so important.

How big do shar peis get?

Before getting a shar-pei, it would be helpful to know how big they are going to get. Most shar-peis are between 17-20 inches as an adult. They usually weigh between 35-44 pounds as an adult. With this being said, the miniature shar-peis are a few inches and about 10 pounds lighter than this. These dogs are quite short when compared to other dog breeds.

Are shar peis aggressive?

If you are looking for a dog that is calm and friendly, most shar-peis have these qualities. With this being said, sometimes, shar-peis don’t like other dogs. It is important to properly introduce them to other pets.

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Written by Leo Roux

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