What You Need To Know About Cavapoo Adoption

If you haven't heard of a cavapoo dog before, you're missing out! Although the name sounds odd, it makes sense when you consider what it is - a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a teddy bear-like Poodle. The result of this breed mix is a lovable dog that most owners thoroughly enjoy having! If you're considering cavapoo adoption, here's what you need to know about this amazing dog breed!

Cavapoo Adoption: First, What Is This Dog?

Before adopting a dog from the animal shelter, it's first worth looking at this breed in more depth.

First, this dog has a fascinating history. The Cavapoo may have existed naturally - perhaps at some point in time, these two breeds mated. However, the Cavapoo, as we know and love today, came about when breeders in Australia intentionally mixed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles. This mixing happened over 20 years ago.

These breeders hoped to create a designer dog. To this extent, they wanted one that had an eternal puppy-like appearance. They also wanted to mix the outgoing and lovable nature of the Spaniel with the intelligence of a Poodle. Poodles have consistently ranked as some of the most intelligent dogs around.

While Poodles can get to be quite significant, the Cavapoo is an example of puppies that stay small. This dog won't grow to be very big at all. Most of these dogs weigh between nine and 25 pounds. They're usually about a foot tall at the shoulder. While these aren't tiny dogs, they're pretty small overall. Their short stature makes them an excellent, cuddly, lovable pet!

It's worth noting that even though the Cavapoo was initially a designer breed, that isn't necessarily the case right now. You can find Cavapoo adoptions in shelters if you look hard enough. 

What Is a Cavapoo's Personality?

Cavapoos have a lovable, warm personality that most people find quite endearing. For this reason, these dogs are quite popular family dogs and are popular with children, as well. These dogs are affectionate, love to play, and are particularly outgoing.

The original breeders were successful as well, in the sense that the intelligence traits of the Poodle transferred to this breed of smart dog.

While Cavapoos tend to have a lovable, well-rounded personality, there is one caveat. They can sometimes become too attached. They don't like to be left alone very much. Without the right training, your Cavapoo could have some relatively nasty habits if left alone. You may find chewed furniture, shoes, or that they've gone through your garbage. To avoid this, make sure that they have a puppy chew toy when you leave the house.

With the right training, this isn't much of a concern. But, if you're seriously considering Cavapoo adoption, you should be aware that this is a dog that will want to be with you. If you're looking for a dog that isn't particularly attached, you should consider another breed.

Are Cavapoos Healthy Dogs?

You need to know how much you'll spend on your dog's health. The question of dog health is particularly poignant when considering adoptions. People are often concerned about the health of the dogs they acquire - either through adoptions or via a breeder. There are usually a few horror stories floating around the internet about how someone brought a dog home, only to discover it needed thousands in vet bills.

While this is technically possible, it's not probable. Cavapoos are very healthy in general since they come from two relatively healthy breeds.

However, a few issues frequently arise within these dogs, including congenital heart attacks, slipping kneecaps, and progressive renal atrophy.

Of course, when adopting your pet, make sure that your soon-to-be new dog has all their vaccinations and health records up to date. You'll want to have copies of them when you leave the adoption place!

Cavapoo Adoption: How Can I Find One?

If you're looking to adopt a Cavapoo, you'll have to look a little bit harder than some of the other dog breeds out there.

First, search online for local shelters. Most shelters now have websites that will list what dogs they have in stock. You can check to see if one of them happens to have a Cavapoo.

If your local shelter doesn't have one, you can start searching nationally. Again, some websites will let you search nationally across shelters all over the US. You can see if they happen to have a Cavapoo.

The key is persistence and patience. There are, unfortunately, not a lot of Cavapoos, including mini Cavapoos or black Cavapoos, up for adoption at any given point in time. So, you'll have to check back every once in a while.

Of course, you can also call your local shelter and ask them if they can put a note down that you're interested in this breed. Perhaps the staff there can give you a call if one comes into the shelter!

Cavapoo Adoption: If You Can Find One, They Make Great Pets!

If you can find a Cavapoo, get one. These dogs are amongst the best around. They're smart, cuddly, and fun. They have the playfulness of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the intelligence of a Poodle. It's hard to get a better combination than that!

How much is it to adopt a Cavapoo?

There are no special or unique fees to adopt a Cavapoo. According to the Animal Humane Society, the cost of adopting a dog or puppy varies between $118 and $667. Every shelter and city is different. To figure out how much it will cost you, inquire with your local animal shelter.

Where can I adopt a Cavapoo?

Any animal shelter may have a Cavapoo at any given point in time. However, these dogs are relatively rare, so be prepared to search quite a bit and wait for one to show up at the shelter!

How much is a Cavapoo?

If you elect not to proceed with a Cavapoo adoption and, instead, want to buy one, the Cavapoo costs around $1,500 from a reputable breeder. Generally speaking, if you find that they are cheaper than $1,200 or more expensive than $1,800, you should be wary of the deal. You might be getting ripped off if the dog you're buying is that cheap or that pricey.

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