What is a Calico Cat's Personality?

If you are looking into different cat breeds to figure out which one is best for you and/or your family, the calico cat breeds might cross your mind. There is so much to learn about this breed. First of all, it is important to know that there are different types of calico cats. They have different color patterns, behaviors, temperaments, and other things, as well. The first thing that you might want to learn about is the calico cats' personality. 

Many people who have bred calico cats believe that these cats have a specific personality that is much different than that of other cat breeds of a solid color. They believe this is true, no matter what the other breed might be. This might be the case. However, all cats do have their own individual personality, no matter what breed they are. 

Fiery Cats

When it comes to doing a calico cat personality test, these cats have a fiery personality. They are more strong-willed, temperamental, and fiery than most cats in any breed. While some calico cats might be calmer and more laid back than others, generally all of them have some sort of a fire inside them. They vary quite significantly from other cat breeds in this way. 

Female Cat Personalities

One thing that should be noted is that most of the time the calico pattern occurs in female cats. When it comes to male cats, it is very rare to find a calico. That doesn’t mean it is impossible. It just isn’t seen nearly as much as female calico cats. With this being said, the calico being a female doesn’t necessarily determine their personality. Both male and female calico cats have varying personalities. 

Have the Attitude 

If you are looking for a more laid-back, better-behaved cat, the calico cat breeds might not be your best option. Many people who have gotten any one of the types of calico cats as a pet has found they have quite a bit of attitude. It is said that cats with the calico pattern are more spunky than cats with other patterns or solid colors. You might even hear this referred to as cattitude. If you are thinking of getting a calico kitten or cat, keep in mind that they might have an attitude. 

Expectations with this Type of Cat

There are certain things that you can expect when getting a calico cat. Some of these things include interesting things happening in your home, spiced-up life, attitude from your cat, and much more. With this being noted, this does not mean your calico cat won’t love you and play around with you. These cats can still be loyal and well-behaved at times. 

Add in the Quirk

If you are going to get any one of the types of calico cats, you can likely expect them to be quite quirky. They have their own behaviors and personality traits that are fun and exciting to figure out. If you get 2 calico cats, each one could be completely different than the other. For instance, bath time for one of the cats could mean war, while the other cat loves bath times. It might take you many years to figure out the quirks of your particular calico cat. Putting their quirks aside, calico cats can be great pets. 

Exciting Life

If you decide to embark on the journey of getting a calico cat, you can expect your life to get a bit more exciting. Any cat that has a bit of attitude, their own personality, and a habit for causing a bit of mischief, is going to bring excitement to your life. Luckily for you, the calico cat has all of these personality traits. If you know someone in your life who already has a calico cat, they can certainly give you a bit of insight into how your life will change if you get a calico cat as a pet. You might find them sleeping on the ceiling fan or playing on top of your television. 

Preparation for a Calico Cat

When it is time to bring your calico cat home, it is important to be prepared. Their personality is going to shine right from the beginning. While it might take you a while to learn all about your calico cat, you can bet that from the moment you bring them home, they are going to show you who they are. You should have plenty of toys, a clicker for training, cat trees, a scratching post, healthy food, and anything else that you think of. Be sure your calico cat has plenty of space to run off their energy because they will need to do this often. 


Even if you were to look into the calico cat personality test, that isn’t going to tell you just how every calico cat will act. Each calico cat has their own personality and quirks. They all follow their own lead. If you choose to bring home a calico cat, you will soon find out just how true this is. 


Now that you know more about the calico cat's personality, you can determine whether this is the cat breed you want as a pet. They are fun and exciting. However, they do get into a bit more mischief than some other cat breeds. 

What is the personality of a long-haired calico cat?

Choosing to get a long-haired calico cat could be a great choice for you and/or your family. Their personality is usually spunky, sassy, and extremely independent. They are also loving, loyal, and sweet. You should get a mixture of all these personality traits.

Do cat breeds have different personalities?

Cat breeds do have different personalities. Learning more about the personality of the cat breed you want to get is a great idea. Calico cats are spunky and full of quirks.

Which cat breed has the best personality?

Depending on who you ask, you might get varying answers to this question. However, some of the most commonly know cat breeds that have the best personalities are the American Shorthair, Sphynx, Persian, Calico, Siamese, and Maine Coon.

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