Was Your Cat In A Fight? Try These 3 Holistic Treatments

If you let your cat go outdoors, then you know there's a possibility that they could wind up in a fight or have some other type of injury. Cats, unfortunately, get into situations all the time where they have nicks on their skin or puncture wounds from where another cat bit them. Sometimes these wounds become infected and require an expert veterinarian to take a look at them. More often than not, though, you can use holistic treatments for these types of injuries.
If your beloved feline friend sustained injuries, here are three possible holistic treatments to try.

Cats Will Try And Hide Their Wounds

Before diving into the possible holistic treatments, please note that cats will do their best to hide their wounds. Therefore, if your cat comes in and disappears right quickly enough, you might not notice them before they become infected. Look for these telltale signs that something is wrong with your pet.
  • Hiding - your furry companion might be hiding under the bed, behind the toilet, or somewhere else in the house. If you're having trouble getting your cat to come out, something may be wrong.
  • Searching for darkness - this is similar to hiding, but if your pet tends to be more willing to come out at night but spends all day under the bed, again, something may not be right.
  • Disinterest in food or water - an injured pet may not have as much fascination for food and water. Your cat may elect to remain hidden during mealtime.
Of course, none of these mean your pet has a wound, per se, they might be sick for some other reason, but if you notice any of these signs, you should check your cat for potential injuries.
  1. Salt Water
If your pet was recently injured and has an open wound, salt water is one way to cleanse the wound site naturally. Salt has some antibacterial properties. It's also relatively gentile and, in the right doses, won't hurt your pet. Typically, you'd want about a 1/2 teaspoon of salt poured into one cup of water. Squirt the solution onto the wound to clean it gently.
  1. The Old Farmer's Almanac Recipe
The Old Farmer's Almanac suggests using one pint of water, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and 1/2 teaspoon Echinacea or goldenseal tincture. There's some anecdotal evidence that Echinacea aids in wound healing. However, there isn't reliable medical guidance on that. Still, it won't hurt your pet to put it on the wound, so if you do have some around, you can add it to the saltwater mixture.
  1. Arnica 30c

If your pet is in a fight or has some other significant injury, you can try a couple of pellets of arnica 30c per hour for three hours. Giving your pet arnica may help with bruising, bleeding, and swelling.

If The Wound Gets Worse, See A Vet

Trying holistic treatments is worthwhile since they are readily accessible and don't involve unwanted chemicals. However, if the wound continues to get worse, see a vet so they can clean and dress it. They can also tell you if there are other complications from the injury as well.

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