Hemp Benefits for Your Beloved Pets

In recent years, hemp has grown not only in popularity amongst consumers as a powerful natural ingredient. Along with its popularity, our knowledge of hemp, how it can be used, and the world of benefits that it offers has also grown extensively, along with its acceptance. With a plethora of CBD hemp-based products currently available on the market for humans to address issues like joint pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleeplessness, and even skincare, the pet product market has taken note.

Today, hemp products for dogs isn’t some far-fetched idea – it’s happening in pet retail stores all around the country! With a world of products that include hemp oil for dogs to help with joint pain and inflammation, hemp dog treats and hemp dog toys to help with anxiety, and even topical ointments for skin conditions, hemp has official made its way into the pet product market. So, what exactly is hemp and the hemp plant uses? Read on to learn all about hemp and the different forms of hemp. 

Hemp Is A Fiber

Differing a bit from CBD, a compound that is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, hemp is simply an eco-friendly fiber that comes from the same plant. As a fiber, it can be included into a number of different material products, distinct from its CBD counterpart, which is often crafted into treats, oils, and tinctures. Because hemp is essentially a fiber, it is becoming recognized for its natural qualities – something that has been shown to be of interest to the massive pet owner population throughout the country.

In recent years, hemp been used to make everything from paper, to clothing, and even building materials. As the pet product market continues to take note of the abilities of this natural fiber, we can expect to see a new range of pet products built specifically with hemp.

Pet Collars & Leashes

For pet owners who are looking to live that all-natural lifestyle, or for those who have already made the jump from artificial pet foods to natural pet foods, it should come as no surprise that hemp dog collars and dog leashes are popular accessories. Along with being a natural alternative to the traditional pet collars and leashes that are available in traditional pet retailers, hemp is also more durable than the traditional cotton, polyester, or denim materials used to make conventional collars and leashes.

Dog Beds & Dog Toys

Along with collars and leashes, hemp is also used to craft dog beds and dog toys. Due to its durability and its resistance to things like moisture and damage caused by chewing, hemp makes for fantastic dog beds and toys. In addition, being anti-bacterial and anti-microbial is some of hemp properties that help to ensure that your dog’s bed and toys remain clean and free from odors, bacteria, or other microbes.

We’re Working on it.

I firmly believe that eco-friendly (and whenever possible: organic) fabrics will become more common in the coming years. Hemp is probably one of the best candidates out there, as long as it is blended with another, softer, fabric. While cotton requires a lot of water and chemicals to grow, there is an organic version that goes well with hemp. Here at Petsmont, we’re working on a full line of products using that blend and can’t wait to show you. Stay tuned.

What is hemp?

Hemp or Cannabis sativa is a type of plant that's grown for industrial uses. Hemp is also the term used to describe varieties of the Cannabis plant family that contain a THC content of 0.3% or less.

Is hemp oil safe for dogs?

Hemp or CBD oil has very little to no THC trace so it's safe for most dogs as long as you are giving them the right doses. CBD oil has many health benefits for dogs, but it's still advised that you consult your vet before you give your furry friend any product.

Can I give my dog hemp oil for anxiety?

Yes. Hemp oil helps treat many different health issues in pets and one of its benefits is that it helps with anxiety. It's an all-natural, drug-free solution for dogs with anxiety and other health problems.

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