This video is for everyone staying home right now
This is MJ.
Hello Petsmont Community!
Our founder's friend Casey made a pawsome video and we had to share it with you. Some of us are choosing to stay at home, so what's the best way to kill time with your dog?
Casey figured it out. Here's the story of Casey and MJ. Read on, watch the video, and share!
MJ is 9 years old. Casey rescued her from Friends Forever Rescue in South Miami. "It was New Year's day and she was 8 weeks old," he remembers.
Casey had to improvise: "Since I don't know her exact birthday, I celebrate it on Thanksgiving."
Casey & MJ
MJ is Petsmont's ambassador and the chill-est dog ever. She is a loving and social dog, and when she was a puppy she used to go with Casey to work.
She loves people as much as she loves other dogs.
"We don't usually do photoshoots or dress up, so this music video was a new experience -- but lots of fun," Casey told us.
"I'll always be happy to have this as a great memory for the future."

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Written by Leo Roux

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