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Everyone loves fluffy dogs! There's nothing quite like coming home and being able to pick up a soft, snuggly dog! As you likely know, some dog breeds are fluffier than others. Typically, dogs that have had a history of needing to survive harsh climates will have more hair than those who have not learned to thrive in the cold. The fluffier fur makes them warmer.

If you're looking to adopt a dog from one of the best fluffy dog breeds, here are six that you should consider!

One of the Fluffy Dog Breeds: Samoyed

The Samoyed is one of the large fluffy dog breeds that required lots of hair to survive. These teddy bear-like dogs initially worked alongside locals in icy places. In Siberia, for example, this dog would work in -60 degree temperatures. As such, it needed the most oversized coat of fur it could have to survive.

You probably don't live in a place where it reaches -60 degrees (or if you do, your dog will be staying indoors where it is warm), so the Samoyed doesn't need its coat for warmth now. However, you'll love this furry dog for how soft and cuddly it is sitting beside you on the couch! Indeed, these dogs are nearly perfect companions.


On the other side of the size spectrum, the Pomeranian is one of the small fluffy dog breeds. Technically, this breed's size makes these dogs belong to the toy group.

Part of what makes this dog so fluffy is that it has a double coat of fur, plus a frill covering its chest. As you might imagine, the Pomeranian requires quite a bit of work to keep the hair well-kept. You'll want to have a pin brush that goes to the skin once per week. You may even require more brushing to keep your Pomeranian's fur looking its best!

With that said, though, the result is entirely worth it. This little furball is a bundle of joy and a pleasant dog to have all-around! They make for great small family pets

Another One of the Fluffy Dog Breeds: Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is another dog that had to work in freezing weather. It had to pull sleds over the tundra, so, to do that and not freeze to death, it had to develop a significant coat of fur. These dogs are lots of fun, are very friendly, and have considerable endurance. For a substantial dog, they also have a significant lifespan, averaging 12-14 years.

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow looks fluffy and cuddly. The extra rolls around their faces make them look like soft teddy bears (with the right haircut, they do genuinely look like teddy bears).

As you might imagine, Chow Chows require regular grooming. Most people brush their dogs at least twice per week and bathe them monthly. With this much hair, you'll also need to look out for fleas, ticks, and other potential skin issues that could be far less visible on this type of dog.


The Keeshond dog breed is another one of the top fluffy dog breeds. It has a little bit of a unique appearance in that it has a fox-like face. It has a very soft, furry coat around its neck, giving it a hybrid lion-fox appearance. You'd have to see one for yourself to get a better idea of how this dog looks.

One fascinating aspect of the Keeshond is that it has unique markings around the eyes that make it look like it is wearing glasses. This breed has the appearance of being very intelligent, and it is!

Unlike some of the dogs on this list, the Keeshond doesn't need grooming quite like the other breeds. Brushing once per week should suffice. Therefore, if you're looking for one of the most fluffy dog breeds but don't want too much grooming, this is the breed for you!

Standard Poodle

One of the most common dogs you can find is also one of the world's most fluffy. Poodles are unique in that their fur coat also tends to be relatively low-allergen. In other words, even if you or a family member has dog allergies, the Poodle may work for your household! The Poodle is a near-perfect companion. It is intelligent, good with children, and loves to play.

The only downside to Poodles is that their fur requires significant amounts of grooming. Expect to brush this dog once per day. If you don't, it could have knotting. Once that happens, the only way to fix it tends to be to shave the fur all off and let it grow back. 

Fluffy Dog Breeds Are Among the Best

If you want a fluffy dog, you're not alone. Many of the dogs on this list are quite popular. If you wish to have the softest dog, you'll probably want to look at either the Keeshond, Pomeranian, or Chow Chow. If you're going to have a fluffy dog that doesn't shed a lot and has low allergies, the Poodle is the way to go. 

If possible, please try to adopt or rescue your dog. With millions of dogs in the system, getting a dog this way instead of through a breeder will give a well-deserving animal a second lease on life!

What is the fluffiest dog in the world?

There isn't one single breed that is the fluffiest in the world. There are a few breeds at the top, including Keeshond, Samoyed, Pomeranian, and Chow Chow. Indeed, picking one of those dogs will give you a very fluffy experience!

What does a shaggy dog look like?

A shaggy dog is slightly different than a fluffy dog in that shaggy dogs tend to have long curly hair. It's not necessarily "fluffy." Instead, the fur is long, and it leads to a cute, playful appearance.

Why are dogs furry?

A dog has fur for the same reason that humans grow hair. It helps with thermoregulation and provides your pup protection from scratches. Dogs sometimes have to survive some relatively harsh climates, and having a coat of fur helps with that significantly.

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