Interesting Things About the Old English Shepherd Dog

The Old English Shepherd dog was developed to be a companion for those working in the English countryside. They have a double, thick coat that makes them easily identifiable. This shaggy dog breed is known to be family pets.

The old English sheepdog puppies and adults are very lovable. They do need a lot of attention. However, if they get that, they will be very loyal to their human family. If you are thinking about adopting an old English sheepdog rescue, there are some interesting things to know about this dog breed. 

They Aren’t a Sheepdog

One of the most interesting things to know about the Old English sheepdog puppies is that they aren’t actually sheepdogs. When compared to many ancient dog breeds, the Old English Shepherd dog is newer.

It was only founded a few hundred years ago. This dog originated in the southwestern areas of England. Like herding dogs, the primary job is this dog breed was originally driving sheep. 

Very Functional Coat

This dog breed has a thick, distinctive double coat. Over the years, it has been adapted to fit the conditions they lived in. Their coat is waterproof and protects them from the wet, chilly winters and warmer summers. In addition, the coat on these dogs makes them look like wooly sheep. If you have ever seen a picture of sheepdog breeds, you know how adorable they look. 

Weekly Grooming

If you are going to adopt any of the old English sheepdog puppies that you have been looking at, it is important to know about their grooming needs.

You should expect to spend about 3-4 hours every week with the grooming needs of your old English shepherd’s coat. It is shaggy and requires quite a bit of care when compared to other dog breeds. However, if you properly groom your old English sheepdog puppies, they will be very beautiful and even show-worthy if you would like. 

Named the Bobtail 

Another neat thing about the Old English Shepherd dog is that it is called the bobtail (no, not the Japanese Bobtail Cat). This is a nickname that came about from the way these dogs originally got their tails docked. This was encouraged according to the 1888 standards. 

First Old English Shepherd Dog

The first Old English Shepherd dog was the dog of a wealthy person named William Wade. He was an industrialist in Pittsburgh. He 1st promoted this breed back in the later 1880s. About 20 years later, 5 rich American families owned old English sheepdog puppies. Then, they bred these dogs. That is how the Old English Shepherd dog breed came about. 

Big Bark

If you are looking into getting an old English sheepdog rescue, you may want to know about their bark. Some people say these dogs have a cracked bell or broken jar-sounding bark. Some people say the bark of these dogs sounds like two pots are hitting together. If you want a unique dog, this would be it. However, it might take a bit of time to get used to their bark. 

Standing Like a Bear

Another interesting thing about an Old English Shepherd dog is that they stand like a bear. They are agile and quick when they run, however, the way they stand slows them down a bit. When you see old English sheepdog puppies or adult old English Shepherds running around, they will look like a bear. The same goes for when they are rolling around. 

Fun, Fun, Fun

If you are looking for a dog that will have lots of fun with you, the old English sheepdog puppies are a great choice. If you choose to get an old English sheepdog rescue, you can expect them to be smart, versatile, and very funny at times. They like to do cute tricks and the way they jump around can be downright hilarious at times. 

Popular Culture Dogs

Did you know that the 1959 Disney comedy, The Shaggy Dog, was about an Old English sheepdog? There were Old English sheepdogs in 101 Dalmations, The Little Mermaid, Cats & Dogs, and other movies, as well. This is why these dogs are insanely popular!

Getting and Registering an Old English Shepherd 

If you are going to get an Old English Shepherd dog, it is important that you get them registered. The AKC is the one purebred dog registry throughout the entire United States that will maintain inspection and investigation efforts. They conduct thousands of dog inspections each year to ensure these dogs are safe and healthy.

After you get your Old English Shepherd registered, you will get an official certificate from the AKC. This certificate will also get you their 1st vet appointment visit for free, 30 days of coverage for pet insurance, and the opportunity to have your dog entered into AKC sports and events. 


These are some of the interesting things that you should know about the Old English Shepherd dog. Now that you know more about this dog breed, you will have a better idea of whether an old English sheepdog rescue is right for you. Many people love this dog breed and with all of the interesting things about this breed, you might, too. 

Do old English sheepdogs shed?

The old English sheepdogs have a double coat. Their overcoat is textured while their undercoat is very soft. The old English sheepdogs are big shedders. They do require extensive daily brushing. This helps to get the dead hair off from their body and coat. It also helps to keep tangles out of their coat.

What is a sheepdog?

A sheepdog is usually a dog that is connected with raising sheep. They might guard livestock such as sheep. They also help farmers by herding other dogs. If this is something that you would like your dog to do, you may want to get a sheepdog.

Are sheepdogs hypoallergenic?

Sheepdogs do shed a lot, much more than many other dog breeds. Due to this, they are definitely not hypoallergenic. If you are looking for a hypoallergenic dog, this is not the dog for you.

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Written by Leo Roux


I want to adopt a old English sheepdog, rescue preferably

Elaine on Mar 01, 2022

These dogs are adorable, smart and loving! Our dog herded my nephew and nieces so they can also be a great babysitter! I taught her tricks. Super cute and loving! Almost human-like in many ways.

Carrie Schmidt on Jul 12, 2021

Interesting you say they shed. We are on our 5th OES over many years and compared to our children’s dogs such as Bassett. Beagle, hound, and others our dogs shed very little. Occasionally we find a clump of hair but that is all. We do tend to keep them trimmed.

Dave wilson on Jul 11, 2021

Having owned OES since the 70s and now work with rescue.
A lack of breed knowledge seems the driving factor, for owner turn in.
Ohh it herds my kids
I don’t have time
They are so cute as puppies.
Puppy mill back yard breeders.

anthony rhoda on Apr 13, 2021

As being an OES mom of 5 of them,I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are the best and want to be part of the family. The are intelligent, playful, and so much fun.

Carol Singer on Mar 31, 2021

What happens to the old English sheepdog if it doesn’t get enough human attention?
Can they become dangerous?

Sandra Thomas on Mar 18, 2021

I’ve had old English sheep dogs in the past, and I’m ready to do it again, my favorite bread of dogs and would love to adopt a white head if possible

Victor M. Koehler on Mar 14, 2021

I would love to adopt one of these lovely dogs .

Linda Hunt on Feb 28, 2021

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