How CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs Is Becoming A Desire Amongst Consumers

As the world continues its shift from modern medicine to a more natural approach to managing health and wellness, it’s only fair that we share these remedies with our canine buddies. Dogs face health problems and feel pain just as humans do. It’s only right that they can find some relief through herbal remedies if they are available and safe. More recently we have been exploring the hemp oil benefit for dogs. We've found that this hemp-derived oil helps dogs in the same way that it helps humans. It helps to alleviate stress and manage pain, among many other medical benefits.

Helps with Anxiety

We’ve all experienced anxiety for one reason or another, so we can easily empathize with dogs who also face anxiety in certain environments. Some dogs experience higher stress levels than others, for one reason or another. Some get stressed out by fireworks or thunder, other experience separation anxiety when their owners go away for extended periods. Some dog owners have recently turned to Hemp oil that is made for dogs to help mitigate their pets’ feelings of anxiety in these situations that cannot be controlled.

Can Help Manage Seizure Activity

Dogs, just like some humans, can suffer from seizures for one reason or another. The reasons may not all be the same as with humans, but it’s been found that hemp oil helps to minimize seizure activity in dogs. The reasons that some dogs experience seizures can vary from genetics to infections. Either way, if the seizures become chronic their vet may start them on some anti-seizure medication. These medications can wear on the liver over time. This is why hemp oil is such a great alternative when applicable.

Helps with Disease Management

Hemp oil is without a doubt, the unicorn of herbal medicine. It’s proven to help a wide range of diseases and ailments that have plagued humans and animals alike. Diseases such as cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases, and even autoimmune diseases, come with several unbearable symptoms. These symptoms can sometimes be managed with medicine, but even then, certain medications come with side effects that aren’t worth the effects that they have on the disease they are meant to treat.

So far, little side effects have been seen with the use of hemp oil in dogs, for disease management. For those who do not know, CBD derived from hemp does not produce psychoactive side effects, which is one less side effect to worry about while treating your dog for their disease they are battling. The majority of chronic diseases in dogs come with symptoms such as pain, nausea, decreased appetite, or depression. These are all symptoms that hemp oil for pets has been proven to help alleviate, while also sometimes helping to treat the disease process that is causing the unwellness.


This isn’t to say that hemp for dogs is the cure-all herbal oil that will cure cancer and fight off terminal illnesses. To be able to decrease at least a portion of the discomfort that one of our loved canine family members is experiencing is their owner's only wish at times. Hemp oil and hemp supplements for dogs has proven to be the product that can do just that in such stressful times.

What does hemp oil do for dogs?

Studies show that hemp help maintain balance in the body and keep it in a normal, healthy state. Hemp oil has inflammatory properties and cardiac benefits, helps lower stress, is anti-anxiety, and possibly helps reduce the chances of your dog developing cancer.

Is hemp oil good for dogs?

CBD or hemp oil is considered as safe for dogs. It's generally known to help with your dog's overall well-being. There are many health issues in dogs that can be reduced or treated with the use of hemp oil. It reduces anxiety, helps fight cancer, helps manage seizures and epilepsy, relieves pain, and helps with inflammatory bowel disease.

Can I give my dog hemp oil for anxiety?

Yes, you can give your dog hemp oil for anxiety. Hemp oil is an all-natural solution for calming an anxious dog. Dogs and cats, as well as humans, have an endocannabinoid system that allows us to benefit from CBD oil by allowing its active ingredients to relieve anxiety and stress.

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