German Shepherd Temperament: What to Know

The German Shepherd breed is a well-known dog for their personality especially. They are well known for their friendly, energetic personality as well as their intelligence and bravery in difficult situations. They make both a great family dog and a service dog because of their wonderful temperament. From puppyhood to the full-grown German Shepherd, this breed is so intelligent and full of personality.


To have a full understanding of the German Shepherd temperament, you need to take a peek into their history and what events brought this breed to be what we know of them today. The breed is among the top 10 most popular and recognizable dog breeds in the world at this time. 

The story of the German Shepherd doesn’t go too far back. It goes back to France during World War I where a Corporal for the American Army discovered a small German Shepherd pup hiding in a breeding kennel as war raged all around him. This Corporal, Lee Duncan, brought this scared little dog home with him to California. Where he raised and trained him. Little did Duncan know; he was training what was to be one of the most famous dogs in show biz at the time - Rin Tin Tin. 

Aside from show business, the German Shepherd wears many other hats, so to say. The services that this breed has been trained to provide are astounding, to say the least. There aren’t many other breeds who can claim to be so intelligent and versatile when working alongside humans. 

Different types of German Shepherds have been raised and trained to perform important tasks, such as working as a service dog for people with medical problems such as blindness, epilepsy, PTSD, and so much more. In addition to medical servicing, German Shepherds have been trained to track or even chase down criminals alongside police forces and even military forces. Or you may have noticed German Shepherds in airports, sniffing different passengers who may be suspected of carrying drugs or other illegal substances on their person. 

For a dog with such a busy and action-packed life in all of these important roles, they do have a nice and long average life span. The German Shepherd's lifespan generally ranges from 9 to 13 years when they are loved and well cared for. And of course, praised for their heroic and brave actions. 


The personality of the German Shepherd is probably exactly what you might expect with this vibrant and intelligent breed. Also, that of a breed that was born to be active. German Shepherds are amazing dogs but certainly are not for everyone. They can be mischievous and energetic, which at times can really take a certain kind of person to handle and rope in. 

To on a German Shepherd you, too, need to be energetic and able to give them the time and space they need to get all of this energy out. As well as proving the mental stimulation that they also need. From playing fetch or running around together outdoors, to playing other fun games together like hide and seek. German Shepherds also make great travel companions, as they are always excited to get out and do things with their human family.

German Shepherds love their family ferociously, meaning you shouldn’t put it past your German Shepherd to become aggressive when they feel as though their family is in danger, this can be a good thing if you are looking for a good guard dog. There aren’t too many better breeds to have guarding your home. On the other hand, without proper training and early socialization, your German Shepherd could pose a potential problem when meeting new friends of yours. 

Since the German Shepherd breed is so intelligent and easily trainable, this aggressive behavior can be easily avoided. Early socialization and repetition with training practices will surely do the trick. This breed loves to please their humans and make sure that they are always doing what they know is right. They are also a very confident and proud breed. They know what they know, and always put everything they’ve got into their tasks at hand.


German Shepherds are a brave and heroic breed of dog that is known and loved all over the world. They were born with talents that not many other breeds possess. This amazing breed can be trained to herd farm animals, guide the blind, sniff out potentially dangerous substances, and even pull victims out of a collapsed building. 

In addition to all of these hats that they can wear, the German Shepherd makes a wonderful family dog. When trained from puppyhood on, they can be taught to protect their home and family but also recognize who or what is not a threat. They will also be great workouts or travel buddies, providing hours of energized fun. you really can’t find a breed of dog with a better temperament than the German Shepherd. 

How long do german shepherds live?

German Shepherds are a healthy, resilient breed of dog. On average, this breed has a life expectancy of 9 to 13 years. Of course, health problems can arise at any point and affect their lifespan, but when a German Shepherd is well cared for in a loving home, their life expectancy can usually meet the highest expectations.

Are German shepherds aggressive?

The German Shepherd breed does have a reputation for having aggressive tendencies. However, this breed is incredibly intelligent and can be trained to not act on these tendencies.

Are German shepherds good family dogs?

German Shepherds make excellent family dogs when they are trained appropriately. German Shepherds have a loving and protective nature when it comes to their families. Meaning, early socialization, and good training are important so that your German Shepherd knows how to appropriately interact with strangers.

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