Dog Paw Moisturizer: When Do You Need To Take Care of Your Pups Feet

In humans, feet often have problems due to friction, weight, and a whole host of other things they have to withstand day in and day out. Dogs often have the same issue.

They're on their paws all the time, and these paws usually begin to have trouble, especially as they age. The feet get worn out, cracked, and can sometimes be in pain. When this happens, you'll want to provide some relief for your pet, usually in the form of dog paw moisturizer.

If you're wondering whether or not your pup might need some help with their paws, read on to see if moisturizer might be the answer for you!

Why Are My Dog's Paws So Important?

Your dog's paws are vital for a myriad of reasons. They're what supports your dog's ability to run, jump, fetch, and play with you indoors and out. They're what makes your dog able to walk, get food, and go outside to do their business. Indeed, a dog's paws must be healthy for your pet to have a high quality of life.

However, it's not just the exercise and ability to run that your dog's paws can impact. Imagine, for a moment, that you have cracked and dry feet. To even get up and get food is painful. To use the restroom is also painful.

Eventually, after a while, you're going to dread doing any of these essential things in life. They might even start to dread socialization, which will almost assuredly harm their quality of life.

When this happens, you could notice other health issues in your pet. For example, you might see that they are losing weight because they aren't eating as much. Or, conversely, you might observe that they are gaining weight because they aren't as active. 

Ultimately, cracked dog paws (or other problems) can significantly lower life quality in almost all dogs.

What Causes Problems with Dog Paws?

There are multiple reasons why your dog's paws might be having issues. One common problem is allergies. When your dog gets allergies, skin issues can be one of the first symptoms. These often manifest themselves as ulcers, dryness, or cracks in the skin.

Another problem can be that they got something stuck in their paw. Remember, your pet goes outside and walks on the ground with no shoes or socks (unless, of course, you put some on). Getting a rock, pebble, or splinter stuck in the paw is not uncommon at all.

There are less common reasons too. Your dog could have OCD, which makes them compulsively lick or gnaw at their paws. This form of mental health issue typically has a root cause in stress or boredom.

Unless there's something obvious (like a stick) that is irritating your canine's paws, you'll often have to do a lot of observing before you figure out what, precisely, the root cause of these issues is.

What Are the Symptoms of Dog Paw Problems?

Most of the time, when a dog has pain or problems with its paws, you'll know about it! Symptoms of problems with the feet include cracked dog paws, discolorations, dry skin, and chewing, biting, or licking the paw.

You may also notice your dog limping. If that's the case, check the paw first! You may find that there's a stone or something else caught on the foot. If that's the case, removing it will provide your pet with the most immediate relief.

The bottom line is that paw issues are very challenging for dogs to hide. If their feet aren't feeling well, you'll see limping, itching, biting, or some other mannerism that will let you know what is happening!

A Dog Paw Moisturizer: Is It Worth It?

When we have chapped lips or skin, we often use moisturizers to help keep the dry parts moist. These work wonders for humans, and you should know that dog paw moisturizers work with dogs as well!

There are many all-natural moisturizers, like those from Burt's Bees or Musher's Secret. Our Organic Paw Balm for Dogs also works wonders! These moisturizers are safe and effective for your dog to use!

Of course, these moisturizers will not fix whatever is causing the dry skin (allergies, OCD, etc.). You'll likely need a vet to help you diagnose and cure those issues. However, what a moisturizer will do is keep your dog's paw comfortable and in its best shape. More importantly, it will give your dog some much-needed dry skin relief!

Consider Trying a Dog Paw Moisturizer If You're Noticing Problems with Your Canine's Feet

Buying an all-natural dog paw balm never hurts. These moisturizers are relatively inexpensive and will almost assuredly provide your dog with some relief. It's usually much better than doing something like doggy shoes or something like that to stop them from scratching their feet.

Therefore, if you're noticing problems with your canine friend's paws, pick up some dog paw moisturizer and see if it makes them feel better. Simultaneously, you can schedule a vet appointment to get to the root of why their paws are having problems in the first place!

How to clean dog paws?

There are multiple ways to clean dog paws - most of which are very similar to how you would wash your hands. These methods include using wipes and towels. However, as with humans, the best method of cleaning your dog's paw is to bathe it. That will ensure all the grit and grime leave the foot.

What can I put on my dog's dry nose?

There are multiple things that you can try putting on your dog's dry nose. Shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, and others are all excellent options for putting on your dog's snout. Do not put Vaseline on it, as your dog will likely lick it, and petroleum jelly can cause real tummy problems.

How to moisturize dog paws?

Vitamin E cream works well with dog paws. You can buy a specialized balm that will help moisturize your dog's feet as well. As long as the moisturizers that you put on the paws are safe and non-toxic, your dog will benefit from them.

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Written by Leo Roux

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