Different Horse Breeds: Get to Know Them

There are over 300 known breeds of horses in the world, all of which deserve their time in the spotlight to be known and seen for the amazing animals that they are. Here, you will learn about only a handful of these amazing different types of horses and some special facts about them. These breeds include the Arabian, Carolina Marsh Tucky, Morgan Horse, Gypsy Horse, American Quarter Horse, and the Thoroughbred.

Here you will learn a little more about each of these breeds of horses and what makes them so special in their own ways. Just like dogs or cats, there are quite literally hundreds of other breeds out there to learn about, but here the focus is on some of the more popular and well-known breeds out there today. 


The Arabian horse is one of the oldest breeds of horse on record. Their existence can be traced all the way back to 3000 B.C. Most white, or light colors horses can be traced back through their ancestry and find that they are related to the Arabian horse breed. These beautiful white horses do in fact start out darker in color and lighten up as they grow older. This breed is especially unique for its ability to run through sandy deserts with such ease and grace. It’s definitely one of the more popular breeds that are used to trek long stretched of desert land.

Carolina Marsh Tucky

The Carolina Marsh Tucky is an incredibly sturdy and resilient breed of horse. This breed was born to be worked in tough terrains. This work horse breed can be used for anything from plowing to taking long rides into a local town. Tuckys are especially great for areas that face cold, snowy winters, as they can push through and get the job done like no other horse can. 

Morgan Horse

The Morgan Horse is a native New England breed of horse that is also a strong and powerful workhorse similar to the Carolina Marsh Tucky. This muscular horse breed is the official horse breed of the state of Vermont. They are very popular in this region of the United States especially due to their presence in colonial times. Back in those days the Morgan horse was used to till and clear the colonial farmlands of the time. 

Gypsy Horse

The Gypsy Horse is rightfully the British symbol of Romance, ever since the 20th century. They also go by the names “Gypsy Cob” and Irish cob. “These beautiful horses have long, thick manes of hair in addition to long cuffs of hair that wrap around each of their legs just above their hooves. The Gypsy breed of horses exists in dangerously low numbers in this day and age sadly. 

American Quarter Horse

This history of the American Quarter horse begins back when English Thoroughbreds were bred with the Native American’s Chickasaw horses back in the 17th century. This breed of horse is one of the more popular breeds of horses out there today, very much so for their athletic abilities as well as agility. Making them a great breed for training and competing with. This breed is especially great for anyone who is new to working with horses but also a classic breed for any skilled equestrian. 


The Thoroughbred is a very versatile breed of horse that can be utilized for anything from racing to companionship. Racing is one of the Thoroughbred’s more popular roles but can also be trained for dressage and jumping competitions as well. The Thoroughbred horse has been called “hot-blooded” for its agile and enthusiastic personality when its abilities are put to the test.

Horse Care Tips

The average horse life expectancy across the board is 25-33 long years of life. This goes for almost any breed of horse when they are cared for well and don’t face too many health problems along their lifetime.

Feeding your horse with the right horse food can also make a huge difference in their life expectancy. The most recommended kinds of food to feed most horses include alfalfa, grains, oats, and certain vitamins. All of which is a part of a well-balanced horse diet.

Other horse care tips include making sure that they are able to get regular physical exercise. This is important for both their mental and physical health. Having their human participate in physical activities with them is also great, as they will enjoy the bonding time with you. Grooming and other hygiene needs are also an important part of horse pet care. Regular brushing and hoof care are a priority when it comes to owning any breed of horse and caring for it the right way. Some breeds have longer or different textured hair, so specific grooming needs may vary.


With there being over 300 different breeds of horses in the world to learn about, and possibly even more that have yet to be discovered, what can be learned about these magnificent creatures is limitless. There are a few breeds that stand above the rest, due to certain qualities such as workability, appearance, or just overall personality. However, all breeds are special in their own way if you take the time to learn about them and their history. 

How many breeds of horses are there?

As far as humans are concerned, there are 350 known breeds of horses out there in the world. These breeds all fall into one of four different groups, to help organize and sort out this large number of breeds.

What is the biggest horse in the world?

The Shire horse is the world's largest horse. It has a nickname of “The Mammoth”, a name that it should rightfully have, as it measures in at a whopping 219cm.

What is the best horse breed?

Asking which breed the absolute best is is a subjective question. However, there are a few specific breeds that do rank above the rest for reasons of their own. From workability, temperament. The Arabian, Carolina Marsh Tucky, and Morgan Horse are a few of the higher-ranked “popular” or “favored” horses out there.

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Written by Leo Roux

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