Best Tricks to Teach Your Dogs

When adopting a new dog, there are so many things to learn about raising that dog. One of the things that many new dog owners want to know is how to teach their dogs tricks.

There are so many different types of tricks that you can teach dogs. Some of the tricks are basic and some are more advanced. If you are looking for how to train your dog, keep reading here to find out the best tricks for your dogs. 

Giving Kisses

Most dogs love giving kisses. However, you can also train your dog to give kisses when you tell them to do so. This is one of the easy dog tricks that you can get your dog to do. To accomplish this trick with your dog, you need to do the following:

  • Put some cream cheese or peanut butter on your cheek 
  • Tell your dog to give kisses or to kiss
  • Lean up to your dog 
  • Your dog should kiss the cream cheese or peanut butter off your face
  • If your dog does the trick, press the clicker and give them a treat

It is important to make sure you hand-train your dog to take cream cheese or peanut butter before doing this trick. This way, you can make sure your dog will kiss you nicely, instead of trying to just take the cream cheese or peanut butter off from your face. 

Barking on Command

Most people don’t want their dogs to bark, which is why they often go for barkless dogs like the Basenji. However, it can be good to have your dog bark on command. Out of all the puppy training tips, this is one that most dog breeds take a bit of time to learn. As long as you have some patience with your dog and keep practicing this with them, they should catch on. 

There are different ways that you can get your dog to start barking on command. Some of the things you can do include the following:

  • Wait until your dog barks and then press the clicker while giving them a treat (this teaches them they are barking at the right time)
  • If your dog barks when you don’t want them to, tell them no (if they stop use the clicker and give them a treat) 

If you follow these tips continuously, your dog should be able to learn when you want them to bark and when you don’t. For instance, if there is someone in your driveway, you might want your dog to bark. However, if there is a loud noise on television, you probably don’t want your dog to bark. 

Shaking Hands

Most people think it is adorable when dogs shake hands. When planning on how to train your dog, if this is a trick you want them to learn, there are few things you should do. The steps for teaching your dog to shake hands include the following:

  • Most dogs naturally give their paw to their owner (when your dog does this, press the clicker and reward him or her with a treat)
  • You can also hold treats in your closed hand and put it under your dog’s paw (when they put their paw to yours, you can give them a treat while pressing the clicker)
  • You can pick up your dog’s paw and put it in your hand (once they hold their paw there for a couple of seconds, press the clicker, and give them a treat)

Most dog owners find that shaking hands is one of the easy dog tricks. Since it is quite easy, this may be one of the first dog tricks you want to teach your dog. 


Do you find it cute when dogs roll-over? If so, these puppy training tips on how to teach your dog to roll-over will be fun. The tips you need to get your dog to roll-over include the following:

  • First, you will need to teach your dog to lay down (once they have that mastered you can teach them to roll-over)
  • Have your dog lay down 
  • Hold the treat in your hand near their shoulder
  • Roll your hand above and over your dog’s head toward the other shoulder (while doing this say roll-over)
  • Your dog should follow your hand and roll his or her body over toward the treat
  • If your dog accomplishes the roll-over, quickly press the clicker and give them the treat

This can be a tougher trick to teach most dogs. However, with practice and consistent training, hopefully, your dog will master it. Using high-quality training treats will also speed up the process.

Giving Hugs

If you want to know how to train your dog to give hugs, hopefully, these puppy training tips will help. The tips that you need for this trick include the following:

  • Sit on your knees on the floor 
  • Tell your dog to sit
  • Make sure your dog is sitting directly in front of you
  • Lift your dog’s paws easily
  • Put their paws onto your shoulders while saying hug
  • If your dog does this without too much trouble quickly press the clicker and give them a treat

For some dogs, this is one of the easy dog tricks to learn. However, other dogs take a bit longer to master this trick. You will need to work with your dog to see how well they do at giving hugs.


Have you been looking for puppy training tips? If so, these tips can help when teaching your dog a few basic and advanced tricks. Now that you have these tips, you can start training sessions with your dog today. 

How to teach a dog to stay?

If you want to teach your dog to stay, it only takes a few simple steps. You will tell your dog to sit. Once they have that mastered, you say stay and step back just a bit. If your dog stays, quickly give them a treat. You should have a word that tells your dog to get back up. You will slowly step further and further back until your dog stays for however long you want them to.

How to train your dog to come?

To train your dog to come, you will likely need to entice them with something they want. You should start by having a treat in your hand. Then, quickly go away from your dog. Make sure they know you have a treat first. Say come and when your dog comes you will give them the treat.

How to teach your dog tricks?

There are many ways you can teach your dog tricks. Some of the most recommended tips for dog training are staying committed and being persistent. You should also do shorter training sessions, use treats, and use positive reinforcement.

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Written by Leo Roux

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