Best Tips When Caring for a Doberman Pinscher

Are you considering adopting a Doberman pinscher? Maybe you recently got this dog breed and you are wondering how to provide him or her the best care. There are many different resources you can find on how to care for a Doberman pinscher.

However, this Doberman pinscher care guide will give you the best tips. Keep reading here today to find out how to provide the best Doberman pinscher puppy care. 

Get the Necessary Vaccinations for Your Dog

One of the first things to providing the best Doberman pinscher puppy care is to take your dog to the veterinarian. It is important to get your dog all the necessary vaccinations he or she needs. Your dog’s veterinarian can give you a list of the vaccinations your Doberman pinscher needs and when he or she will need them. 

If you make sure to get your Doberman pinscher the required and suggested vaccinations, you can keep your dog much healthier. 

These vaccinations also tie into the topic of the average cost of care Doberman pinscher. To provide the best care for your dog, planning for the costs associated with their care is beneficial. Again, your dog’s veterinarian can give you the costs for all the vaccinations your dog will need. 

Ears and Tail

Are you going to register your Doberman pinscher with the American Kennel Club? If so, they will require your dog to have its ears cropped. Your dog’s ears will need to be erect. They will also require you to have your Doberman pinscher’s tail docked. This is done at the dog’s second joint on their tail. Both of these procedures are cosmetic. The ear cropping changes the look of the dog’s ears. The tail docking will make your dog’s tail shorter. 

However, do note that these procedures are solely based on your own preference and will not improve your dog's quality of life other than to make them look a certain way.

Daily Exercise

Another important part of this Doberman pinscher care guide is to ensure your dog is getting daily exercise. Doberman pinschers, along with many other dog breeds, need to exercise every day. Exercise is necessary to keep your dog healthy. Exercising also keeps your dog from getting bored. 

There are many types of exercises that are great for Doberman pinschers. These dogs like to run, hike, and swim. If you go on a daily walk, your Doberman pinscher would probably love to go with you. 

Clicker Training

To provide the best Doberman pinscher puppy care, you should start with clicker training. This is one of the best types of training available for puppies. You should begin with clicker training your dog to do a trick or command based on your verbal say-so. 

These dogs are very smart. They usually catch onto this type of training quickly. If you tell your Doberman pinscher to do something and they follow your command, using the clicker and rewarding them is all they need to do the same thing again and again. 

After your Doberman pinscher starts associating that clicking noise with the reward (treat) they are getting, they will want to do the verbal commands you give repeatedly. After your dog can master verbal commands, you can start combining verbal commands with hand movements. This can be done with the clicker training, as well. 

Cleaning Your Dog’s Coat

As part of the best Doberman pinscher puppy care, it is important to keep your dog’s coat clean. There are different grooming tasks commonly recommended for the Doberman pinscher. 

You will want to start by using a short wire brush on your dog’s coat. This will help to get debris out of your Doberman pinscher’s coat. It can help to get some extra fur off from their coat, as well. However, it may be helpful to note that these dogs don’t shed too much. 

You should also clean your Doberman pinscher’s coat with a wet washcloth. You can even get some leave-in conditioner to spray onto your dog’s coat. This can help to keep your dog’s coat shiny. 

Doberman pinschers don’t need many baths. You should only give your Doberman pinscher a bath when it is necessary. For example, if your dog gets extra dirty outside after running around in the mud, he or she will need a bath. 

High-Calorie Diet

Another important thing to note in this Doberman pinscher care guide is that these dogs need to have a high-calorie diet. The reason for this is because Doberman pinschers exercise daily. When doing so, they are expending a lot of their energy. The high-calorie diet will help to replace some of the energy your dog is losing through exercise. 

You should also talk to your dog’s veterinarian. They might recommend that your Doberman pinscher eats a soy-free diet. This helps to keep a dog’s digestive system functioning properly. 

Doberman Pinscher Items to Get

If you are going to get a Doberman pinscher, you will need certain items to provide them with the best care. Some of the items that you should get include the following:

  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Short wire brush
  • Washcloth and towel
  • Dog treats
  • High-calorie food
  • Clicker (for the training)
  • Dog bed
  • Crate
  • Dog toys

If you have all these items for your Doberman pinscher, they will be happier and well taken care of.


These are some of the best tips when caring for a Doberman pinscher. Now that you have this Doberman pinscher care guide, you can ensure your dog is happier, loved, and well taken care of. 

How to take care of a doberman pinscher?

If you are wondering how to take care of a Doberman pinscher, there are certain things you should do. You should get them a high-calorie diet, vaccinations, exercise, and the items needed for proper care mentioned above.

How big do doberman pinschers get?

Before getting Doberman pinscher, it is a good idea to know how big they are going to get. Most Doberman pinschers will be around 24-28 inches tall as an adult (from their feet to shoulders). These dogs are muscular and they have a sleek body.

What kind of dog is a doberman?

The Doberman pinscher is a medium to large-sized dog breed. They were originally domesticated around 1890 in Germany. They have been used in search and rescue and as guard dogs.

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