Barbet Puppies: What to Know Before Adopting

Are you and your family looking to adopt a dog but are not sure which breed would suit your family? The Barbet is a sweet and loving breed of dog that comes with a warm and fuzzy coat of fur, built-in for the best cuddles you could ask for. 

However, just as with any other breed, the Barbet comes with its pros and cons, as a breed. Particularly Barbet puppies, and their special little personalities. Barbet's are great dogs, but it's important to take the time to understand them before jumping right into adopting. That way you can ensure that they are the right dog for you and that you are prepared to take care of their needs. 

History of the Barbet Dog Breed

Originating in France, these fuzzy French water dogs (dogs who were born to swim) were utilized to hunt waterfowl. They have been noted in history as a great gun dog with an even better personality. Unfortunately, after the World Wars, the breed was nearly extinct altogether. If you already have a dog and you want to teach your furry companion to love swimming, check out our guide. 

Thankfully, due to the efforts of a few breeders who were devoted to reviving the breed, they were able to bring back the Barbets. Although, to this day the breed is still rather rare and scarce around the world. 

Personality of the Barbet Puppy

Just like with any other puppy, Barbet puppies are full of energy and love for their human owner. Barbet puppies are just little fuzzy bundles of love who are some of the most playful pets around. Although, potential Barbet puppy owners beware: these little fuzz balls are well known for taking advantage of how cute they are. 

Barbet puppies are fully aware of how adorable they are and will give you those sad puppy eyes whenever they want to get their way. Some have gone as far as saying these puppies are little dictators and will try to run the show. 

That being said, they are an intelligent breed that should be trained while they are young. They need to know that they are not running the show and that the world doesn't revolve around them. Early training as well as early socialization are both necessary when caring for and working with the personality of a Barbet puppy. 

Barbets also tend to become very attached to their humans and can suffer from separation anxiety if you leave them for too long. This is something to keep in mind when thinking about adopting a Barbet puppy. If you think your dog is stressed out, check this article for tips on how to ease anxiety in dogs.

If your lifestyle involves being out often for extended periods of time, a Barbet puppy may not be the right match for you. 

Caring for Your Barbet Puppy

Just like with any other young pup, their care revolves around getting enough physical activity, eating the right diet, and proper grooming for their breed. The Barbet puppy is not much more high maintenance than any other dog breed, but there are some specific care needs that will need to be kept in mind. 


Being that the Barbet is an intelligent and athletic breed all around, Barbet puppies require a lot of mental stimuli as well as time for physical activity. The Barbet was once a great and noble hunting and swimming dog, but more often than not, Barbets are kept as simple house pets nowadays. However, they still are born with an athletic build and lots of energy. Taking your Barbet puppy outside for dog walks or runs daily, as well as other forms of physical playtime is incredibly beneficial for these pups.


One of the bigger questions on your mind now, is probably something along the lines of “does the Barbet shed?” The answer to that question is not frequently. Compared to other breeds with a thick coat of fur like theirs. However, there is certain grooming that should be done regularly for the Barbet puppy. 

Part of basic pet hygiene is grooming your dog. Depending on how often you are able to spend the time grooming, brushing their fur out completely a few times a week is a good start. Bathing once a week is also a good habit to get into. Some will say it’s best to brush them out before bathing, but that really all depends on your preference as well as your Barbet puppy’s preference.  Starting out with grooming habits while they are still a puppy will help in the long run, as they will grow up used to this grooming routine.


The Barbet puppy will likely do well eating any age-appropriate food that you provide to them. They're not known to be particularly picky eaters. One thing to keep in mind when making healthy homemade dog food, is that it's wise to supplement them with nutritious oils during the drier months of the year. Of course, this depends on where you live and the kind of seasonal weather you experience. 

But providing them with supplemental oils such as omega-3 will help prevent their skin from becoming dry, as well as keep their fur coat shiny and healthy. If you’re unsure of where to get these supplemental oils, and which ones would be best for your Barbet pup, you can always consult their vet to make sure you are giving them exactly what they need. 


Barbet dogs and puppies make great family pets. With their playful and loyal personalities, they make a great addition to almost any household. Keeping in mind that they do have a hard time being left alone for extended periods of time. This just means you will want to evaluate whether your lifestyle is fitting for a Barbet puppy. 

Otherwise, there is not much else that needs to be taken into consideration before Adopting a Barbet puppy. As long as you can provide them with all of the love and playful interaction that they need, they will live with you happily ever after. 

How much does a barbet puppy cost?

The typical going rate for a Barbet puppy averages at $2,000. This is assuming you are looking to adopt a purebred Barbet puppy from a breeder. High rates such as these are typical when adopting many different pure-bred puppies.

What is a Barbet dog?

The Barbet is a breed of French water dog. They are a medium-sized dog that received their name from the French word for beard - “barbe”. Once you’ve seen one of these fuzzy dogs you will understand the mindset behind whoever named this breed.

What is the national dog of France?

The Poodle is the national dog of France. Another popular water dog that is native to this country. The Poodle has become an iconic canine that most people now relate to France whenever they seem them.

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Written by Leo Roux


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