4 Ways to Keep Yorkshire Terriers’ Coat Shiny and Healthy


A Yorkshire Terrier has a coat that is so beautiful. However, it is soft in texture, so you must be easy with it when you groom or bathe them. The sun exposure, air, and contact friction can all cause detrimental problems to your Yorkshire Terrier dog’s coat. If you want to make your Yorkie’s coat shiny and healthy, using the best products, such as Petsmont Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Formula, and keeping their coat protected from the elements are the best options. However, this guide will provide you with 4 ways to keep your Yorkshire Terriers’ coat better looking, shiny, and healthy.


1. Bathing Them Every 3 Weeks


Many Yorkshire Terrier owners aren’t sure how often they should bathe their dog. The general consensus is to give them a bath about once every 3 weeks. If you give them a bath too often, the natural body oils will be washed off. This can cause itchy skin, more dog dander, and lost hair. It can make them smell bad, too. When you give your cute Yorkshire Terrier a bath, you should spoon them some coconut oil to help make their skin and coat even healthier.



2. Best Food Choices


Did you know the food that your Yorkshire Terrier eats does make a difference in the health of their coat? It even changes the way that your Yorkie’s fur looks. It can be hard to imagine, but just think about how the food you eat affects your skin. It is the same for dogs.


Some of the best food choices for improving the shine and health of your Yorkie’s coat, that are also organic, include:

  • Primal Freeze-Dried Formula Dog Food
  • Castor and Pollux Organix Organic Dog Food
  • Tender and True Organic Dog Food
  • Carna4Dog Food


Whenever you feed your dog, squirt in a few drops of Petsmont Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Formula, too. It is a formula that helps to reduce dog sensitivities, so they aren’t as itchy. The less itching that occurs, the healthier the coat can grow and look.



✅ RESTORES SKIN & COAT: A pet's stunning fur coat deserves to be shown to the world. From hydrating to smooth debonair fur, the Petsmont Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Formula supports skin and coat regeneration, beauty from inside and out.



✅ IMPROVES APPETITE: Petsmont Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil formula supports a pet's primary salivary centers in the medulla oblongata, creating an obsessive and mouthwatering taste. Let all little ones indulge in the yummy bowls created with Petsmont's salmon oil.


If you don’t already have one of these foods or another that is organic, you can get one. However, it is vital for the health of your dog or puppy that you wean them off the other dog formula you are using. You can mix in some of their new dog food with the old dog food. Then, slowly increase the amount of the new food and reduce the amount of old food, until you are no longer giving them the old food anymore.


3. Protecting Their Coat with the Best Combs/Brushes


It would also be a good idea to learn which combs and brushes work the best for your Yorkshire Terriers’ coat. With the soft texture of their coat, you shouldn’t use a slicker brush or even a grooming rake. These can cause a lot of damage to their coat. It would be best if you found a brush that pulled through their coat entirely.


If you have a Yorkshire Terrier puppy or adult Yorkie, the bristle brush is a great choice. There are different brands of bristle brushes you can get. A quick online search or going to your local pet store would make it easy enough to find the brush you need.


When you brush your Yorkie, massage their skin with the brush while you are pulling it through their coat. By doing this, you stimulate their hair follicles, which is what gets dirt off the skin and really adds shine to their coat. You could get a brush with boar bristles, too. This type of brush also shines the coat of a Yorkie.


If your Yorkie has quite long hair, a pin brush that has stainless steel pins that are moderately spaced would glide the best through their hair. The plastic ones are likely going to get stuck in their hair which could be quite painful for your little pup.

4. Using Proper Bathing Products


The second-best tip for ensuring your standard or miniature Yorkshire Terrier has a shiny and healthy coat is to use the proper bathing products. There are so many different options out there. The most important thing is to ensure the products are healthy and all-natural, if possible. The ingredients should consist of coconut oil and other healthy vitamins and minerals. Oatmeal is another great ingredient that helps to add shine to a dog’s coat.


Now that you have these 4 tips for improving the shine and health of your Yorkshire Terrier’s coat, you can get started implementing them today. Your little Yorkie is going to be beautiful and healthy very soon.


How much is a Yorkshire Terrier?

Are you thinking about getting a Yorkshire Terrier? If so, you may be wondering how much it will cost. The first thing to note is that with any dog, you are going to have the cost of dog toys, food, medications, shots, and vet bills. However, the general cost for Yorkshire Terriers is between $400 and $1,200. If you get a show Terrier, they can be up to $10,000. If you give your Yorkshire Terrier Petsmont Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, they will be even prettier when you show them.

Is Yorkie and Yorkshire Terrier the same?

Many people want to know whether the Yorkie and Yorkshire Terrier are the same dog. Yorkshire Terrier is the actual name of this dog. Yorkie is the nickname given to the dog. It is one of the smallest breeds of dogs around the world. They are around 15 pounds maximum when they are full grown. Some of them are much smaller than that.

What is the lifespan of a Yorkshire Terrier?

Before you get a Yorkshire Terrier, you may want to know what their average lifespan is. The general age for this type of dog breed is between 13 and 16 years of age. Of course, the products and food you give the dog can alter their lifespan, along with the care you provide.

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