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Our Story

Stephen Munive, Founder

My fondest childhood memories are with my first dog Ginger... since then, there's been Ginger the 2nd, Ginger the 3rd, Trusky, Eggroll the hamster, Spike the turtle, Baby the squirrel, Jenna the rabbit, Jorgito the cockatiel, Orange the ring-necked snake, and many, many types of fish.

Additionally, my wife Katia and I are obsessed with nutrition and longevity. We've studied it for over 25 years and continue to learn as new discoveries arise. Petsmont partners our love for health with our love for animals... Why do we talk about superfoods for humans, but not our little loved ones?

Our hope is that Petsmont can help raise awareness about good health and help pet owners provide the best care and wellness with products that you know you can trust.

Leo Roux, CEO

I was raised on a farm in France, so my love for animals is deep within my upbringing. We had horses, cows, rabbits, geese, chicks, and of course, cats and dogs. My pets taught me love and affection, and caring for others. When you love them as much as they love you, you become very conscious of providing them what's best. Being raised on a farm taught me the importance of cultivating quality and understanding what we put in our bodies.

I think that played a big role when I decided to join Petsmont. When creating new products at Petsmont, I love that we source the very best ingredients, and that we are able to share them with you. Thank you for being a part of our story, we hope to grow with you and your furry family.