Whippet Dog: Learn More About This Special Breed

The Whippet dog breed is a unique little breed that would make any dog lover happy you have in their home with them. There are some particular facts and care-taking needs that you will need to know before you go to the Whippet dog rescue, however.

Such as their personality, care needs, diet, and even possible health issues that the breed is known to encounter. They may look like miniature greyhound dogs, but they are their own, unique breed. A breed that requires unique care, such as taking the time to pick out a wardrobe of adorable sweaters for them to wear in cooler environments. 


Once upon a time, in Victorian England, there was a period when watching Greyhound’s race was a very popular sport. The owners of the Greyhounds were beginning to find it to be difficult to house and feed all these large dogs and decided to find a solution that would keep the races alive.

The Greyhounds were bred with smaller breeds of dogs, especially terriers, and a miniature Greyhound dog was born. The Whippet, and mini-Whippet dog, were successful breeds, as they are the fastest breed of their size. They have been clocked running at top speeds of 35 miles per hour. Thus, keeping the sport of dog racing alive and the enthusiasts of the sport, well entertained. While the keepers of the track stars would be saving money on their shelter and care needs. 


Naturally, the Whippet has an intense drive to run and chase in large open areas. Once their energy has been expended, the Whippet is a gentle, loving family dog that loves its humans unconditionally. Although they’ve become a more home-bound, domesticated breed, their urge to run and be fast has not been lost over the years.

It’s important to keep your Whippet’s love for running fast and far in mind when allowing them outside to run around. You will want to keep them on some sort of leash or tether so that they have the freedom to move around as they please but will not run off and get lost. 

Early socialization with your Whippet puppy is just as important as it is with any other breed of a dog while they are young. Early socialization with both other dogs and people is crucial to ensure that your Whippet grows up comfortable around others and will act appropriately when encountering strangers. 


Whippets are homebodies just as much as they are athletes. Your Whippet will be forever grateful if you get them a soft, cozy bed to lay on when they are inside resting with you. If they aren’t in their bed, they will be snuggled up on your couch right next to you. 

When you look at a Whippet, you will instantly recognize that this breed has no way of naturally retaining heat in their body. That being said, you will have fun going to the pet store picking out cute little sweaters for them to wear for walks on cold days. They may even benefit from wearing their sweaters inside of the home if you tend to keep temperatures cooler indoors. 

House training your Whippet is an easy enough feat. Experts recommend using a crate when house training your Whippet. This breed sees their crate as a safe place and will not want to make it dirty. They will quickly learn that outside is the place where they need to do their business. 

When training your Whippet in general, positive reinforcement has been found to be incredibly effective. Whippets have a sensitive personality and will not learn from harshness or physical roughness. Treats or food as a reward is best practice when training your Whippet


Whippet dogs have been known to live a healthy life when provided with high-quality dog food that can be purchased at most pet stores. If you’re unsure of which specific food to get for your Whippet, it’s always a good idea to check in with your dog’s vet and see what they recommend. 


The Whippet dog can easily become overweight if their diet is not well controlled. Carrying extra weight isn’t good for any dog, but the Whippet specifically was not built to carry any extra weight on their slender body frame. 

Cardiac disease, deafness, and even trouble with vision are some health issues that have been found in Whippets. This makes it important to bring your Whippet to the vet on a regular basis to assess for these problems. 


Whippet dogs have an interesting history, as descendants of great racing dogs of England. Still carrying with them, the knack for running far and fast whenever they are given the opportunity to do so. 

Owning a Whippet as a family pet will bring a loving little companion into your life who doesn’t need extensive upkeep. The Whippet just asks that you provide them with a cozy place to nap and a large outdoor area to run and they will give you a lifetime of happiness and love. 

What does a whippet dog look like?

The Whippet dog is a medium-sized breed with a short and dense coat of fur. They also have distinct markings that run down their body. The Whippet is not a greyhound, but a breed that was created by mixing a greyhound and terrier. This makes their appearance very similar to that of a Greyhound’s streamlined physique.

Are whippets good apartment dogs?

Whippets can make excellent apartment dogs if their physical activity needs are met with the chance to run around outside on a regular basis to get extra energy out. If they are not able to do this on a regular basis the Whippet can be an overly energetic and possibly even destructive breed when kept indoors more often than not.

Are whippets hypoallergenic dogs?

The Whippet’s short and fine coat of fur can be misleading as far as allergy levels, but this breed is in fact not hypoallergenic. Individuals with allergies to dog fur or dander can still have some allergy problems when faced with a Whippet.

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