This is how Petsmont came to be

Petsmont was initially founded in 2018 by my co-founder, Stephen. Stephen will get a chance to introduce himself later on, and you are also welcome to check out our About us page to read more about his story. 

Long story short, Stephen profoundly cares about health and longevity.

While researching ingredients, and healthy habits, Stephen realized that everything he found was geared towards humans.

Which makes sense, right? Humans care about what humans eat and do.

There is more, though. A parent will care about his children. Actually, parents might care more about their children than themselves. The reason is that we are biologically programmed to do so.

I am sure every one of us can remember a time when one of our parents did something special for us. It could be when they gave us an exceptional gift, more food than they had themselves, or saved for months to pay for an education or a car.

Whatever your memory of this is, you can see how life's true meaning does not come from helping ourselves but mostly from helping others.

Do you see where I am going with this? We care about others. We care about our family... and we care about our pets.

Back in 2018, as a dad who cares, Stephen realized that our society was missing something essential to demonstrate how much we care about our pets: healthy food, supplements, and topicals for dogs and cats.

Where do I fit in in all this? My story is for another blog post.

Our mission here at Petsmont

Now that you understand how Petsmont came to be, I would like to highlight our mission. I honestly believe that mission is the right word to use. But, please don't think I am using it in a corporate attempt to make our brand seem more significant than it is. 

Mission is a powerful word, and it means that we are in charge of an exceptional task and that we will stop at nothing until we achieve it. In our case, our mission at Petsmont is the following:

To provide organic & wild pet products of the highest quality so that our pets can enjoy the fullest and longest life possible. 

I want to pause for a moment to explain what these words mean. Organic and wild will be the topic of future blog posts; therefore, I won't dive in too much just yet.

However, I want to explain what I mean by highest quality, fullest and longest life. 

Highest quality

Ingredients that we feed our bodies or our pets are only as good as they are nutritious. It is no secret that processed foods contain fewer vitamins and minerals than raw ingredients.

For this reason, we care about the nutritional value of the ingredients that we use in our products.

Fullest life

Pets are like us in many ways: they wake up, enjoy the day, and go to bed. But, like humans, they may be prone to anxiety or excitement. So, essentially, they have emotions.

We genuinely believe that our mission is to make sure they can experience the happiest, fullest life possible. Therefore, we create each Petsmont product with one goal in mind: "How will this make pets' life better?". If we can't answer this question, we move on. 

Longest life

Last but certainly not least, we do our homework. We read studies and research ingredients to understand how our product will benefit pets.

Whether it's vitamins or polyphenols, or anything else you might find in our ingredients or supplement facts panel, we care about longevity.

A healthy pet is a pet that will live longer. Like I said before, pets are like us in many ways! We are what we eat.

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Written by Leo Roux

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