Most Important Dog Safety Tips Due to Coronavirus

Are you worried about your dog getting sick with the coronavirus and want to know how to protect dogs from coronavirus? If so, it is important that you know the facts related to dogs and the coronavirus.

According to the Animal Poison Control Center, there is no evidence currently that shows people can give their dog the coronavirus. Many people are concerned that veterinarian offices are closing or limiting services due to the coronavirus because their pets could get infected. This is not true. These services are being limited to keep humans from being in contact with each other. With this being said, during this pandemic, it is recommended that you and your dog stay home as much as possible. If you are still concerned, there are some dog safety tips that can keep your dog healthier and safe during this time.

Washing Your Hands More Often

Can dogs get the coronavirus? While there isn’t proof that dogs can get the coronavirus, particularly Covid-19, it is recommended that you wash your hands more often. This way, if there was a chance of your pet getting the virus, you are taking the necessary precautions from allowing that to happen. Plus, it is always recommended that dog owners practice healthy hygiene habits around their pets anyways. If you own a dog, be sure you wash your hands before and after handling their food and before and after you pet them, as well.

Get Enough Supplies

In addition to washing your hands more often, you should make sure you get enough supplies (without hoarding) that you will need to last 2 weeks to 30 days. This supply can include food, snacks, toys, and medications that your dog will need throughout this time frame.

Pick a Caregiver for Your Pet

In the case that you do get sick with the coronavirus or sick with anything else during this time, it can be helpful to pick a caregiver for your dog. You should ask people in your household to care for your dog first. This way nobody has to leave your home or come to your home if you are sick with Covid-19. If there is nobody in your home that can care for your dog, you should ask a friend, family member, neighbor, or boarding facility to help out.

Create a Pet Emergency Kit

If you do happen to get the coronavirus and need to be out of your home for a while or need someone to care for your dog for any length of time, creating a pet emergency kit could be beneficial.

This can include the name and number of your dog’s veterinarian, food preferences, habits, behavioral tendencies, medications that are taken, or any medical conditions they may have. These are some of the most important dog safety tips in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Keep an eye out for reliable news sources for any further information. This includes state websites, news that comes from reliable sources, and the federal government. If anything changes about the risk to pets in regard to the coronavirus, these are the sources that will provide you with that information.

We all now know the steps that we should be taking to keep ourselves safe during this Coronavirus outbreak. "What about our pets? How do we keep them safe during all of this?" You may be wondering. So far we do know that the chance of your dog contracting the Corona Virus is very very low, but to air on the side of caution while all of this blows over there are some things you can do to keep your pets safe and do right by them. 

Stock Up on Their Needs Too

As everyone scrambles to the stores to stock up on everything they might need for the next month or two, you'll want to keep in mind that some people might be hoarding more than just toilet paper. Keep an eye out on the supply of dog food in your local grocery store, because it wouldn't be surprising if those supplies began to dwindle as well. 

As we stock up to keep ourselves comfortable and safe at home for the next few weeks to months, you also need to consider stocking up food for our dogs as well. Hoarding or panic buying more than is needed is unnecessary, but buying enough to ensure that your dog is fed for a month or two is what dog owners should be doing. 

Stock up on more than just their food. Any medications, treats, or specialty items like toys they need regularly you'll want to make sure you have at least one month's supply of. Not one year's supply. Remember, there are other dog owners out there too who also need to make sure their dogs have what they need. 

Think Ahead for In Case of an Emergency 

You should always have an emergency preparedness plan in place for your pet, but right now things are so incredibly unpredictable so it is even more important to have such a plan. Be prepared with who can help care for your pet and how in the case that you couldn't be there for them suddenly. Maybe a close friend or nearby family member would be willing to be your emergency pet caretaker?

On that same note, be sure to have your "in case of emergencies" information list printed. This list could include things like your dog's allergies, any medical conditions they have, any medications they are taking, certain behaviors they may usually have, and of course, the number for their vet. You should keep this list out where it can easily be found in the case of an emergency. 


Currently, Coronavirus pandemic is having the biggest negative effect on humans. This doesn't mean that our dogs should be counted out for who needs to be taken care of through all of this. Just because they cannot easily get sick from this virus, doesn't mean they would be okay if you, their owner, did get sick and had to leave them for several days or weeks. It's important to think ahead about your pets' care during these chaotic times.

Can dogs get the coronavirus?

Yes, your precious pooch can contract coronavirus and the most common one is the canine respiratory coronavirus. Right now, there is no evidence that the current global pandemic COVID-19 affects dogs, however, they can still test positive for it.

Can humans get coronavirus from dogs?

While there is no evidence showing that humans can contract coronavirus from dogs or other pets, the risk is still there. We're yet to know everything about COVID-19 so it's best to practice proper hygiene and social distancing.

How to protect dogs from coronavirus?

The first and basic step you should do to protect your dog from coronavirus or any virus is to follow basic hygienic precautions like proper handwashing. Avoid interacting with your pet if you are sick and have someone else care for them instead. If there's really no one who can care for your pet while you're sick, wear a cloth face covering and wash your hands before and after you interact with them.

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Written by Leo Roux

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