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Do you love poodles? You are not the only one. Did you know that this dog breed is 7th on the most popular dog breed list? They are so cute, cuddly, friendly, smart, and funny at times. If you are thinking about getting a poodle, what size do you want to get?

There are different types of poodles with different sizes that you should check into. You may even want to look into the poodle size comparison. The American Kennel Club recognizes 3 poodle sizes, while other registration organizations recognize 2 more poodle sizes. 

Standard-Sized Poodle

One of the AKC registered poodle sizes is the standard. This is a full size poodle. The standard-sized poodle is around 15-23 inches tall from its feet to shoulders. They usually weigh between 45-80 pounds. 

The standard-sized poodle is also great for a hiking buddy. If you have been going hiking by yourself, but you get lonely, the standard-sized poodle would be a perfect companion. They love going for walks and hanging out with their owners. As long as you bring a toy and water bottle along for your poodle, you can have great hikes together. 

If you are interested in getting a bigger poodle, the standard-sized poodle is a wonderful choice. These dogs are usually great for being guard dogs. They are brave, alert, and love protecting their owners.

If you want a dog that will sit by the window and let you know when people are coming or greet you when you get home, this is the poodle for you. 

Miniature-Sized Poodle

The miniature-sized poodle is another one of the AKC registered poodles. These poodles are usually between 11-15 inches from their feet to shoulders. As an adult, the miniature-sized poodle usually weighs between 14-18 pounds. 

When it comes to smaller-sized poodles, many people prefer miniature-sized poodles. These dogs aren’t too small, but they are still great for sitting on your lap. 

While the miniature-sized poodle is smaller than the standard-sized poodle, they still have a huge personality. If you are looking for a poodle that will be great around kids, the miniature-sized poodle would be perfect. Most of these poodles love running around with kids in the yard and cuddling with their owners at night. 

Toy-Sized Poodle

The final AKC registered poodle is the toy size. These are very little poodles. They are the smallest of the AKC registered poodles. As an adult, the toy-sized poodles are usually between 6-9 pounds. They will be around 8-10 inches from their feet to shoulders. 

Are you hoping to get a dog that will sit on your lap all the time? Do you want a dog that you can carry around because they fit perfectly into your arms? If so, this pint-sized dog is perfect. These poodles are friendly, fun to be around, cuddly, and loving. 

Klein (Moyen) Poodle 

One of the poodles that aren’t recognized by the AKC, but is recognized by other organizations, is the Klein (Moyen) poodle. There are many of these types of poodles in the United States. 

The UKC considers the Klein poodles to be similar to the standard poodles. They are allowed to compete in UKC dog shows. As an adult, these poodles are usually between 15-20 inches from their feet to shoulders. They will weigh between 40-50 pounds.

While these poodles are on the bigger side, they still make for great family pets. The Klein poodle is loving, playful, smart, and easy to train. They love pleasing their owners, too. If you are looking for a dog that will go on walks with you and play in the yard with your kids, this is the dog for you.

Teacup Poodle

If you are interested in a smaller poodle that isn’t AKC registered, you should learn more about the teacup poodle. This is one of the different poodle sizes that is being seen in more households across the United States recently. While these poodles aren’t recognized by many of the bigger dog breed registries, they are still very cute. 

As an adult, the teacup poodle is usually between 5-7 pounds. They don’t get very big. If you are going to get a teacup poodle, be prepared for all the cuddles. These poodles love to be carried around and adore attention. 


Are you a poodle-lover? If so, now it is time to decide what size poodle you are going to get. There are different poodle sizes, as you can see from above. Depending on the size of dog you want, you can check the poodle size comparison charts to figure out which poodle to get.

For now, if you want a bigger poodle, you should go with the standard size or Klein poodle. If you want a smaller poodle, you should go with the miniature, toy, or teacup poodles.

How big do toy poodles get?

When it comes to the different sizes of poodles, you have options. If you are looking to get a smaller poodle, the toy poodle might be perfect for you. As an adult, these dogs don’t usually get any bigger than 10 inches from their feet to shoulder. However, some of them are as small as 7-8 inches.

What were poodles bred for?

It may come as a surprise, but poodles were originally bred to be hunting dogs. In fact, they were water retrievers. They went to get ducks and different birds out of the water for hunters. Now, these dogs are usually family pets.

Are poodles aggressive?

Some people think that poodles are aggressive. However, most of the time poodles aren’t aggressive at all. They can get anxious when they have been left home alone for a long time. If this happens often, they can display aggressive behaviors. However, if your poodle gets plenty of attention and care, they should be very happy and loving.

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