How to Improve the Maltese Lifespan

When looking into getting a new dog for your family, you may have come across the Maltese. The Maltese is beautiful, loving, and friendly. They make for great family pets.

Not only do they love to play, but the Maltese dog lifespan is fairly decent when compared to many other dog breeds.

Today, you can learn more about the Maltese life expectancy and ways to improve the life expectancy of a Maltese dog that you bring into your home. 

Information About the Maltese Life Expectancy

When taking a look at the Maltese or other Maltese breed life expectancy, the average life of Maltese is between 12-15 years. This is the normal life expectancy for this breed since smaller dogs tend to live longer than larger dogs. Most Maltese dogs will live to be around 13 years of age if they don’t have any concerning health issues. 

With this being said, there are some Maltese adult dogs that will live even longer than that. Sometimes a Maltese dog can live to be up to 17 years of age. Generally speaking, female Maltese dogs will live a little longer than male Maltese dogs. Usually, a female (in the same health as a male), will live about 1 year longer. 

Being that the average dog breed will live to be around 12 years of age, the Maltese life expectancy is fairly good. 

Now that you know a bit about Maltese life expectancy, you should also learn more about some tips that you can use to increase their life expectancy

Preventing Injuries for Your Maltese

You should do everything you can to prevent injuries for your dog. Since trauma is a leading reason that puppies and smaller dogs get injured, be sure to help your dog stay safe. You can buckle them or put them in a booster seat in the car, don’t hold them when you are doing other things, teach your kids to handle the dog properly, make sure everyone watches under their feet, and leash your Maltese when he or she is outdoors. Here are some traveling tips if you have a dog.

Getting Vaccinations and Other Necessary Shots

Part of primary pet care is ensuring that your dog has all of his or her vaccinations. You can talk to your dog’s veterinarian to keep up-to-date on their shots. In addition, if you live near a lot of wildlife, you should make sure your dog’s veterinarian knows that. They might require or recommend that your dog has additional shots when they are a puppy. Your Maltese dog might also need shots when it is an adult. 

Getting Regular Wellness Checks

You should make sure that your dog is getting all of his or her wellness checks at the veterinarian. Vets are trained to recognize any health issues that dogs may be having. If you ensure that your dog is getting a complete examination at least once every year (twice every year for senior dogs), the vet can help you to prevent and treat any health issues that your dog might have. 

Picking Out the Right Dog Food

If you want to increase the Maltese life expectancy for your dog, you should make sure they are eating the best food. Your dog needs better food for a better life. You can talk to your dog’s veterinarian to see what food is recommended.

There are many premium dog foods that have natural ingredients that you may want to feed to your Maltese or other Maltese dogs. You shouldn’t feed them food that has chemical additives. 

Water Filtering

You should also make sure that your Maltese dog is always drinking clean water. There are filters you can get for the water in your home. These help to ensure that the water is as clean as possible when giving it to your Maltese dog. 

Regular Exercise for your Dog

Another way that you can increase the Maltese life expectancy for your dog is to make sure they are getting enough exercise. Maltese dogs need 2 walks every day to prevent many health issues. Regular exercise helps to keep their heart stronger and improve over wellness, too. 


If you are going to get a Maltese puppy or dog, you may be wondering what is the average life of Maltese. Now you have more information about the Maltese and other Maltese life expectancies. You also have some tips on how you can help your Maltese dog to live a longer life. With these tips, you can also make sure that your Maltese dog lives the healthiest life possible, as well. 

If you want to bring a new dog into your family that has a higher-than-average life expectancy, a Maltese puppy or dog might be a great choice. 

How much is a Maltese dog?

When you are looking into getting a new dog, you may be wondering how much he or she is going to cost. If you are considering getting a Maltese dog, there are some people who will charge around $600. However, if you are going to get a Maltese dog that is accredited from a breeder you are looking at a cost between $2,500-$3,000. If you want a Maltese show-dog, the price might be more than $4,000.

How long do Maltese dogs live?

When you are deciding on what dog breed to bring into your family, you likely want a dog that will have a few health issues and a long life expectancy. The good news is that the Maltese dog breed generally lives between 12-15 years of age. The average lifespan for this dog breed is around 13 years old. However, there have been some Maltese dogs that live up to 17 years of age. If you follow the tips above and keep your dog healthy, they are much more likely to live longer.

Are Maltese dogs hypoallergenic?

There is not any dog that will be 100% hypoallergenic. However, with this said, the Maltese dog breed does have some anti-allergy properties. Their white coat is beautiful. It flows around their body in locks. With just one layer and no undercoat, this dog breed is considered to be hypoallergenic.

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Written by Leo Roux


My daughters doggie key key has been a blessing to our family. My daughter she loves her to pieces.She doesn’t bark unless she needs to go out and then she barks to come back in one little park she doesn’t complain and she’s so spoiled I really do feel a Maltese dog is the best dog in the world they’re smart love to play a great companions

Keisha Cleveland on Jul 26, 2021

Looking for a female maltese for my Otis he is 8 years old pure breed. Location Chattanooga TN.


Gabriel on Jul 25, 2021

I agree with the others. I lost my Maltese 7/9/2020. She was almost 15
and was the love of my life and my emotional support pup. I’m also retired and want to find another one, but the prices are way too much! I wish breeders could see that the cost takes away from providing everything else they need. Retired seniors are on fixed incomes, but most will provide wonderful homes for them.

Mary Collins on Apr 16, 2021

My Sebastian will be 16 on July 4th. He is a Malte-Poo.
This past year he has developed a collapsed trachea. We walk almost 3 miles everyday and he always wants to go for more! Love of my life. I dread that day in future without him.
Those looking for Maltese puppies – might I suggest looking for a malte-poo. He is very smart and loved to play when he was younger. He is solid black in color with the Maltese’s hair. He weighs about 10 lbs soaking wet.

Anne Mason on Apr 07, 2021

My family had our female Tea-Cup Maltese for 19 YEARS. Snowflake was such a beautiful soul. Snowflake came from a puppy mill and had multiple surgeries on her knees. Both our children who are 6 yrs. apart grew up with a “puppy”. Snowflake had Energy and so intelligent. They are a loving, cuddling, breed and she was too. Maltese are the the best dog to have in a family. With the life span and their personalities they truly are more of a family member than a “pet”. God Bless Snowflake.

Ty on Mar 29, 2021

I lost my fur baby, Zoie girl back in November of 2020. Yes, pure breed Maltese. She was 12.6 years old and never been sick. Then, on a late Friday she couldn’t get up, I rushed her to the Veterinarian and he said she was dying of spleen cancer. I brought her home with me and held her all night and early Saturday morning she died in my arms. I had her since she was 8 weeks old. The love of my life. I would like too get another female Maltese puppy for companionship. I’m retired, live alone and the prices are way too expensive for me. I don’t trust people on Instagram too purchase one. I don’t know what I’m going to do in order too get another fur baby. Can anyone help me, please? I was praying some breeder would give me one, but people don’t care too help anyone in need. I can afford too take her too the Veterinarian, but affording too purchase one is a different story. Please don’t tell me to adopt one from the humane society, because I’ve looked and I don’t want too pay $500.00’s for a dog that’s 10 years old and die on me a year later. Please help me get a female Maltese puppy that’s from a breeder and not a puppy mill. I would greatly appreciate it.

Kathy Schiefer on Mar 29, 2021

My Mandy-Sue is a white maltese. She lived for 16 years 4 months. She was my baby girl and my love for her was undeniable. I miss her every minute of every day. She was the joy of my life and my heart aches for her every day. Rest in peace my love.

Mark Wishinsky on Mar 25, 2021

My maltese is the most adorable dog
My is about 10 yrs old.developing catarat in his rt eye.. 😍👍 othe wise hi is healthy.

JAIMERODRIGUEZ on Mar 22, 2021

I have a cute maltese. In Des Moines where I’m from, have them 319-313-2891
I was reading paper from there. I live in payson az where I found him. Very smart n you know the rest.

Michele on Mar 21, 2021

Norm and i have had 7 Maltese girls. They are our children and grandchild. That’s what. They have been from Heaven 🙂 above. Thank you Jesus.

Elaine Hamlin on Mar 21, 2021

I just lost my girl channel and I am heart broken.she was the great dog I ever had.

Julia Ottinger on Mar 16, 2021

The Maltese puppy is an angel on earth, the are kind, smart and loving. Trying to find one that is not over 2,500- 3,000, is next to impossible, my babies or treated like hairy children, but that amount of money is way out the box for me.
If someone finds a great puppy for less give me a call.
Charmaine Parker

Charmaine Parker on Mar 15, 2021

We have a maltee and love 💘 him more each day. Thanks for all the information.

Lawrence Connelly on Feb 28, 2021

My maltase was killed quite some time ago and I still miss her dearly. I was fortunate, she was given to me. I’m looking at the possibility of owning another female.

Nina Aragon on Feb 11, 2021

My Maltese Oliver lived to be 16 years & 4 months. My other Maltese Rio lived to be 12. Lovable and great companions. My third Maltese Timmy is 5 and is blessed with good health🐾♥️

Elsa on Feb 11, 2021

I agree with Susan Clawson. I would also live to have a Maltese, the prices are out of range. If anyone knows of a Breeder with more reasonable pricing in the Boston, MA area, please get in touch? Thank you!

Laura Rozamus on Feb 08, 2021

Thank you for all the info. I dearly want a Maltese girl but the high prices are out of my reach. If you know of anyone who sells for $1000 or less please let me know.
Thank you

Susan Clawson on Feb 03, 2021

My little maltesè SEBASTIEN passed September 30 2020 at age 14. I miss him dearly and Ì am lookinģ for another maltese.
Ìf you can help me , please contact me

Nicole Lalonde on Feb 02, 2021

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