Happy Cat: Keeping Your Feline Buddy Contented

Are you a devoted cat owner wondering if your feline friend is a happy one? Do you ever wonder about your cat’s body language? Why is your cat chirping? Why is your cat purring? If you are curious as to how to make your cat happy or how to tell IF your cat is satisfied, then you’ll be glad to know that your answers are right here and that you are certainly not alone. Cat body language is a widely underestimated communication, and we are here to teach you how to tell if a cat is happy, how to make your cat happy, and why your kitten purrs. 

Cat Body Language

If you think the only language is spoken orally, then you would be greatly mistaken. Body language accounts for 55% of the overall message of face-to-face communication, and you will be glad to learn that your feline friend is not much different. Once you have learned the subtle sounds that your cat makes and why they are making them, it will be time to understand their even more subtle clues through their movements and gestures. Unlike humans, cats show their emotions in other parts of their bodies most prominently.  


When your cat’s ears are slightly forward, your feline is feeling curious and playful. If their ears happen to be straight and upright they are at attention and alerted to something around them. Beware when you see your cat’s ears pinned back or flat down; tread carefully as your cat is very angry. This ‘look’ can often be accompanied by hissing or growling so the best advice would be to stay away. 


If your cat is wagging its tail, do not be fooled. They are not dogs- wagging means they are very frustrated. If your cat’s tail is twitching, they are ready to play! Although it appears amusing, if your cat’s tail is puffed up they are petrified of something or they are preparing to attack. If their tail is tucked away between their legs they are anxious and/or submitting to something or someone. A curved tail means they are ready to play so get the toys out and when they curl their tail around you it is their way of embracing you so take it all in and enjoy the moment!

Cat Chirping

If you ever find your feline friend chirping at someone or something, do not interrupt. They are honing in on their more basic animal instinct of hunting and in order for them to retain their confidence, they must continue this skill until they are completely satisfied. If you scare off their ‘prey’ (no matter if it happens to be of the stuffed kind), you are minimizing them and humiliating them. In their minds, they are still the hunter or huntress that needs to prey on the small, unassuming animals- it is within their nature, so let them play the role!

Cat Purring

We have all heard it, whether in real life or in the movies. A cat purring is one of the most different sounds and bound to make most hearts melt instantly. But so often, we wonder, why is this cat purring? What is the meaning of my cat purring? What is my cat trying to tell me, and why is it so cute!? Well, fret not, as this sound is a surefire way to know that your cat is head over heels for you. If you wonder how to make your cat happy, look no further because you have most likely found the answer already. Cats purr because they are so glad! The cat purring meaning is of love, happiness, being completely content and satisfied at the moment, so as an owner, it is the best sound to hear.

Owners and non-owners alike, a cat purring is music to anyone’s ears! A small disclaimer: if your cat’s purring sounds abnormal and does not fit along with their body language and overall demeanor, then your cat may also be in pain. If you notice their purring does not fit with everything else they are portraying, then it might be time for a vet or checkup. 


We’ve all heard the term “Happy wife, happy life”; well, the same applies to our little furballs. The bottom line is, if you have arrived here after searching the meaning behind your cat’s sounds, body language, and their cat purring meaning, then you are already on the right track! Understanding your cats wants and needs will make your life easier and less complicated purpose more snuggling and more minor scratching, and who doesn’t want that? Follow these quick pieces of advice for a blissful life as a cat-owner.

How do you make your cat happy?

Cats are easy to keep content. Feed your cat well with excellent high-quality food. Make sure you bring your cat to the vet regularly and maintain their health in a preventative manner. Keep their environment clean. No one wants to use a dirty bathroom, and that goes for your pets as well! And finally, give your cat the attention it needs and wants. Without regular love, cats can become sick and lonely.

How to tell if my cat is happy?

Using the advice written above, you should be able to tell quickly if your cat is happy. You are looking for all of the positive body language and sounds. Look for the playful ears. Look for the relaxed tail or tail that is curling around your leg. You may also see your cat stretched out lying on its back. This is a sign of love and trust, so make sure to make the right move; gentle petting on their tummies will keep them endlessly happy and coming back to you over and over.

Why do kittens purr?

As mentioned above, your kitten is most likely purring because you are showing it love and affection. They are contented and satisfied with everything around them and completely at ease. This is the best sound to hear from your cat, and you can pat yourself on the back for being an excellent cat owner!

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