Training Your Jack Russell Rescue

Jack Rusell dogs are amazing. They are unique, characteristic, have great personalities, and are very smart. If you want an active dog, you don’t have to worry about Jack Russells, as they love to be on the go. However, you will need to make sure to provide very consistent and direct training with this type of dog. If you don’t train a Jack Russell early on, you will notice problems right away. They can prove to be quite a challenge without proper pet training.

Begin Immediately

The number one tip for an at-home dog training a Jack Russell is to begin immediately. The moment you bring a Jack Russell into your home, whether they are a baby or a senior dog, you should start training them. The earlier they start training, the better things will go. You should teach your Jack Russell basic commands such as sit, lay down, and come. However, they do learn fast, so you can teach them other tricks such as stand, dance, and more.

Affection Means Everything

If you want your Jack Russell to listen to you when you are training them, you have also got to give them a lot of affection. They need to know you are happy to be around them and want to play with them. Jack Russells are loving dogs, so if you give them affection, they are going to want to please you when you are training them.

Alpha Dog

If you give your Jack Russell even the slightest of chances, they are probably going to try to be the alpha dog. They may even try to trump the humans in the household, as well. This is why it is extremely important to train your Jack Russell early on, to prevent this type of behavior. If your dog feels they are boss, they aren’t likely to listen to you when you try training them.

Give Them Proper Exercise\Jack Russells need to run their energy out. They are cute dogs, but when they don’t release their energy, they can terrorize your home and be a nightmare to train. You should make sure to take your Jack Russell on a walk at least 2 times a day for 30 minutes at a time. If you can get them running, that would be even better. Proper exercise for Jack Russells will also prevent them from getting bored. You certainly don’t want a bored Jack Russell, as they will get into a lot of trouble.

Consistency is Important

When you are training your Jack Russell, consistency is important. If you want your Jack Russell to catch on, all you have to do is be consistent with your training. They are smart dogs and will learn what you are teaching them if you keep up with it.

Natural Don’t Have to Trump Training

Before you bring a Jack Russell into your home, it is important to know they are hunting dogs. They like to chase animals and other things. This is another reason why it is important to train your Jack Russell immediately when bringing them home. If you don’t want them to chase animals when you take them on a walk or when they are out in the yard getting their exercise, you must train them not to run after animals. These are the things you need to know when it comes to training your Jack Russell. Remember, these dogs are smart and personable. If you train them properly, they can make a great addition to your family.

Are Jack Russell Terriers easy to train?

Jack Russells are intelligent dogs and depending on the time and dedication you're willing to give, they can be very easy to train. The keys to training a Jack Russell or any dog breed are consistency and discipline.

How hard is it to potty train a Jack Russell?

Potty training a Jack Russell is not that difficult but it's also not that easy. It's straightforward as long as you have the time, patience, and persistence. Puppies are a lot easier to train than adult dogs since they're naturally fast learners and are often eager to please.

How to train your Jack Russell to come

Recall training your Jack Russell is not hard, however, it requires consistency, practice, and discipline. You must first ensure that your dog knows its name so they know when you want their attention when you call them. Start by giving your dog a reward each time they come whenever called and practice it by playing recall games like "find me" or "hot potato".

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