Having a Pet Chicken: Why They Make Good Pets

Move over, dogs - chickens could just be the new family dog. That’s right! It's becoming widely popular to raise chickens in the United States. Though, it is important to raise them correctly, so chickens do not suffer. Many who decide to purchase chickens don’t do the research before getting a chicken as a pet. Let’s go over some facts about having chickens as pets before you decide to raise some cluckers. 

Health Problems

There’s a growing problem with humans who decide to connect with chickens as a domestic pet - there are no resources when the chickens get sick. Before deciding to own a pet chicken, do learn all the proper nutrition guidelines to ensure the longevity of your birds and know-how on keeping a chicken as a house pet. Feeding them correctly is the first step. It’s going to take commercial feed and a clean and also dry living space. You will also want to always provide your chicken with clean water.

Yes, Chickens Are Companions

Chickens make great pets. You think your dog and your cat are your companion, well, chickens can do the same for most people. A plus side is that chickens actually help with soil and eat a lot of insects on top of making food.

Though many get chickens for the idea that they’ll get fresh eggs, they often end up becoming family pets. In a matter of time, you’ll end up naming your chickens just as you would any other pet.

Where to Find Chickens

It’s recommended that you purchase chicks to start, then add to their flock. Often starting with adult birds will bring the potential for bringing disease to the flock. Many tractor supply stores and farm stores will carry chicks for purchasing.

New Chicks on the Flock

Do be aware that if you have an existing flick or plan to add to your flock, that chickens do have a pecking order since they do not like change. Chickens are not welcoming to newbies and this is something to keep in mind if you want to keep a chicken as a pet. So, if you already have chickens, introduce the chicks by letting them see them, but not touch them by keeping them a safe distance from them in the playpen. This way, they can become familiar with the new chicks. 

How Are Other Pets Around Chickens?

If you purchase chickens as a pet, you will most likely be keeping them in a pen, where other pets don’t get in the way. If you are a dog owner, it may take some training for your dog to be okay around your chickens. If your dog just can’t get along, keep them out of the area where the pen is. 

Beware of Predators

Chicken wire is not enough to protect your chickens from predators. For instance, even a raccoon can tear open chicken wire easily. Use a heavy wire that is welded in a grid to help predator proof your chickens. 

Remember, Keep Care of Them

Chickens often have to be monitored for health. They are also prone to metabolism issues. And, because you should not keep chickens in the house, there are outside forces. Just remember to keep them properly fed and hydrated and to follow these tips to ensure a long and happy life for your chickens.

Can you have a chicken as a pet?

Although they're not as popular as cats and dogs, chickens do make for amazing pets. Not only will they provide you with a supply of fresh eggs, but they can also be as loving and loyal as any pets if you find the right breed.

How to pet a chicken?

When petting a chicken, you will need to first approach them slowly and calmy and to make them aware that you are approaching. Once you're close enough, slowly move your hands towards the chicken and start by gently petting their back.

Can you keep a chicken as a house pet?

It's not a good idea to keep chickens as house pets simply because they prefer to be outdoors and they will be unhappy if kept inside for too long. Chickens enjoy free-ranging and foraging in a yard and this is also good for their physical and psychological well-being.

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