Best Things to Know When Getting an Australian Cattle Dog Rescue

The Australian Cattle dog is also known as a Queensland heeler or a blue heeler. Just like the Border Collies, Australian Cattle Dog is a type of herding dog. These dogs are independent, smart, and love a bit of a challenge. They can be stubborn at times, but they are also very cute.

If you are looking into adopting an Australian cattle dog rescue, there are some great things to know about this dog. 

Overview of the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue 

An Australian cattle dog puppy has a lot of energy. They need more than just a quick walk every day.

If you are going to get an Australian cattle dog or Queensland heeler, it is important that you go bicycling, hiking, or running with your dog often. 

These dogs also need regular mental stimulation. They are known for their tracking, rallying, obedience, herding, and agility. If you can channel a red heeler dog in these types of activities, they will be much happier. 

If you can, you should begin training and socialization for the Australian cattle dog puppy as soon as possible. Positive reinforcement goes a lot way with these types of dogs. 

If you want your red heeler dog to get along with children, you should get an Australian cattle dog puppy or one that has already been raised around children. 

When it comes to grooming, the Queensland heeler is easy to care for. If you brush their coat once a week and trim their nails about once a month or so, this can help them to stay clean and healthy. 

Personality and Temperament

When getting any new dog, it is a good idea to know the personality and temperament of that breed. While every dog is unique in its own way, breeds usually have certain personalities and temperaments. Some of the things that you should know about the personality and temperament of the Australian cattle dog include the following:

  • They have a lot of perseverance, strength, and stamina. 
  • They are smart, learn quickly, and can be taught to do many tricks. 
  • They enjoy being around people they love.
  • They love to please their owners. 
  • They are independent thinkers, so they can be stubborn at times. 
  • They have a lot of energy. 
  • They are protective of their homes. 

If this sounds like the type of dog that would be a great fit for your family, then an Australian cattle dog puppy would be a great choice. 

More About the Grooming Needs of This Dog Breed

If you are planning to get an Australian cattle dog rescue, it is important to know more about their grooming needs. This dog breed has a flat, hard coat. It is usually dirt and rain-resistant. This means that the grooming tasks for an Australian cattle dog don’t include much. 

You will need to brush their coat 1-2 times every week. This helps to get the dead hair off from their body. It is best to use a slicker bristle brush. These dogs shed their dense, short undercoat about 1 to 2 times every year. During these times of the year, you will need to brush them a bit more often. There are different tools that you can get to help with their undercoats such as an undercoat rake and a comb. 

Most Queensland heelers only need baths occasionally when they get dirtier. You should also check their ears to ensure those stay dry and clean. This dog breed needs to have its nails trimmed once every month. If you get an Australian cattle dog puppy they might need to have their nails trimmed even more often. Last, but not least, this dog breed should have their teeth brushed regularly.

Getting an Australian Cattle Dog

If you are thinking about getting an Australian cattle dog puppy, you can get them from various places. You can check with a breeder. However, that will usually cost a bit more than getting one of these dogs from a rescue or shelter. You can also check with people who no longer are keeping their Australian cattle dog for some reason or another. You can give this dog a great home. 


These dogs are loving, quick-to-learn, energetic, and love to please their owners. If you want them to get along with children, you should either get an Australian cattle dog puppy or an older red heeler dog that has already been socialized around children.

This dog breed isn’t high-maintenance when it comes to grooming either. Now that you know the best things about the Queensland heeler, you can decide if this is the dog breed that you want to get. 

Do blue heelers shed?

While every dog is going to shed some, the blue heelers don’t shed a lot. They are quite low-maintenance when it comes to brushing. With this being said, these dogs do need to be brushed more often when they shed their undercoat. This happens about twice a year. When this happens their undercoat usually comes off in clumps.

How big do blue heelers get?

If you are going to get an adult Australian cattle dog, you can expect them to weigh between 30 to 50 pounds. These dogs can be about 20 inches tall as an adult, as well. Their ears are upright and their fur isn’t too long. Due to their size, some people say they look like an Australian dingo.

Are blue heelers good with kids?

Blue heelers can be good with kids. They love being around their family members and owners. However, many blue heelers need to be socialized around kids when they are puppies. If an adult blue heeler hasn’t previously been around kids, they may not do so well. However, with proper training, it is possible to train an adult blue heeler to do well around children.

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Written by Leo Roux


Looking for an older female heeler for my father in FL. He has a larger fenced in property. Looking for one 30lbs or smaller.

Sherilyn on Mar 01, 2022

I adopted a 3 year old red heeler 12+ years ago. She passed 3 weeks ago. My heart is broken and I’d love to connect with another Ted heeler/mix on the older side. Or even better, maybe 2 of them. . I’m older.niw & can’t get around like I did before. I’ve also got a large dog stroller if needed for getting out & about with a dog who isn’t capable of long walks anymore. Love this breed! They are indeed very special! Please email me if you know of any in the San Francisco bay area. Thanks!

Carol Chalker on Mar 01, 2022

Looking to rescue a Australian cattle dog , I am a recent widower and had to put down my shepherd huskie mix. So need some company.
Thank you

Gary on Jul 28, 2021

I’m in the process of adopting a friend’s 6 y/o male heeler. He’s so smart and sweet and has gotten to know me over the last couple years of friendship. He is VERY attached to his previous owners (and probably being part of a little pack). This transition is tough and he’s developed separation anxiety where anytime I leave he barks and yips quite a bit until he tires a little and then it’s just whimpers and wines with a few barks…. hours of this. I need to work and he’s got an acre run with shade and water. Any thoughts or pointers please!? I want to make this sweet boy happy in his new home.

Alix on Jul 22, 2021

Have small farm, looking for Australian sheep and are border collies .

Charles Futch on Jul 20, 2021

Looking for female heeler as a companion for our 6 year old male. She would have a beautiful mountain home around horses and goats with plenty of space. Southwest VA.

Randall on Jul 20, 2021

A Queensland has no tail or a stub. They are blocker in build.

Janice Loretz on Jul 13, 2021

I have a 1 year old red heeler who is absolutely beautiful. I need to re-home her due to work issues and she needs a lot of attention. Email me if interested. You will love her. She does need some more socialization with children otherwise loves everybody. She’s not bad around children but just acts as if she’s not used to them. I would like to see her become very much more familiar with children. If you don’t have the energy and the time for her it’s not worth considering it because she does need your attention. She’s the best dog I’ve ever owned.

Shelly on Jul 07, 2021

I have Australian Cattle Dog/Red Heeler pups. They are 5 weeks today and ready for their forever homes. Males only. We are in the Las Vegas area. 702-279-4838

Deb on Jul 06, 2021

20 years ago I rescued a 3 year old red heeler. They are very attached to their owners so if adopting one that’s not a puppy have some patience and let them get to know you. She (Matilda) became such a loving, loyal, and very happy dog. She lived to be almost 18! When she was 6, I rescued a beautiful boy blue heeler puppy (Joey) who is amazing and still strong and healthy for his age. When Mattie passed I also rescued a puppy Border/heeler now 2 1/2 yrs old, and 8 months ago rescued another red heeler puppy who was born in a shelter. Do I love this breed? YES!!

Kathryn Russell on Jul 04, 2021

My son has a blue heeler and he needs to get rid of him because he is being deployed. Looking for a home.

Al on May 23, 2021

This message is for:
Williams… March 14th post
I have a girl Heeler you may be interested in. She is a year and she is a rescue… She is great with “EVERYONE”. She is house broken, walks well on a leash. She is absolutely loving but terrified of vehicles for some reason. She doesn’t mind cat’s and was in a home where other dogs were. She is a inside outside girl. She is a very loyal girl, sticks to me like glue. If interested please email me. Her name is Cricket…
East Tn

Delores Ann Santana on Apr 13, 2021

They look like dingos because they were originally bred with dingos

Janie on Mar 16, 2021

I have some chickens that like to wander nextdoor and far back from the back yard. I get tired trying to keep up with them. I have 4 young grandkids, so I would need a puppy. My last 2 dogs were strays, we enjoyed them for 15 years. Brewster was good with the chickens, he and the rooster we had at the time liked to play fight, they would briefly stop, then go at it again. We have 6 acres, but not all is fenced. We have to watch the kids so it won’t be a problem to keep an eye on a dog. Besides this, we are retired or were before 4 grandkids came along. Oh, I can’t pay hundreds of dollars for a dog. Thank you, G. Williams

G. Williams on Mar 14, 2021

Interested in puppy rescue adoption. Had a blue heeler runt of litter from humane society when I was 15. Best dog ever!

Dawn kinsey on Feb 28, 2021

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