4 Great Tips on Celebrating Family Holidays with Pets

Our pets may not know what holidays are or what it means to celebrate, but they are aware that something fun is going on, especially when a good celebration music is on. As owners, we can share the holiday celebration with our pets in special ways that allow them to feel important and more involved in all of the festivities.

Create a Special Meal for Them

The main event of most holidays is usually indulging in delicious meals with the whole family. Something that we know our pets are always eager to be a part of with us. To help our furry friends feel more included in the holiday feasting, you can create a holiday feast just for them. The internet is chock-full of pet-friendly recipes that can be made for your animals so they can indulge right along with you and the rest of your family.

Avoid Areas Where Fireworks and Other Loud Events are Taking Place

Although you may not think of this as "doing something special" for your pet, not putting them through all of the anxiety that comes with being in a loud environment is something great you can do for them. If you want to take your pets out for a holiday with you, maybe consider avoiding areas that are packed with a lot of people or are launching fireworks if you know these things make your pet nervous. Pet resort or parks are also a great place to go to. 

Treat Them to a Day of Pampering

Our pets need a little TLC sometimes too. During holidays like Valentine’s day, or even just before the winter holidays, people like to go out for pamperings such as manicures or haircuts. Our animals enjoy getting pampered in such ways too. Maybe treat your little buddy to a nail trimming or trip to the groomers where they can get a nice bath and haircut. Believe it or not, our pet's self-esteem goes up when they get a new do too. There's no better way to make your pet feel special during the holidays than to treat them to some well-deserved TLC.

Have a Pet Playdate

Most pets love nothing more than having a fellow pet to run around and be rambunctious with. If you have a friend who also has a pet that gets along well with yours, consider creating a puppy (or kitty) play date between the two. Maybe there's a local park that both dogs will have plenty of space to run around in together. Or, in light of a holiday that is coming around, maybe a photoshoot with the two animal buddies together would be a fun holiday activity for all involved. Conclusion We may not always think of it, but our pets have feelings too and enjoy feeling special just as much as we do. Treating our furry friends to special holiday activities that are tailored just for them is a great way to make them feel special. Not just during the holidays, but all year round.

What do people buy for their pets during holidays?

Pets are family so it's no surprise that over 65% of owners get their companion animals a gift during holidays. Some of the most popular pet gifts are well-made & long lasting toys, luxury dog chews, a smart bone toy, and high quality treats.

How can you find pet care during holidays?

Holidays shouldn't stop you from giving your sweet pet the care it needs. Planning ahead is important. Book your appointment early to save yourself and your pet from the stress and worry of not finding pet care during the holiday season.

How do you keep your pet safe during the holidays?

Keep holiday decorations out of your pet's reach as small ornaments can be choking hazards. Certain foods like chocolate are also bad for pets so be sure to keep them away from where food is being prepared and served.

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