Open Letter To All Dog Parents:

The Fastest Way To Help Your Aging Dog Feel Less Confused

By Leo Roux

5 min read

Dogs get old. It’s true.
Last year alone, 9.2 million dogs passed away in the US.

There is nothing more heart-breaking than seeing our dog fade away. Look confused. Bump into things.

Some dogs, on the other hand, manage to age gracefully.

They stay active, despite their old age.

Every year, you spend hundreds if not thousands on your dog. Toys, vet visits, medicine, food, treats.

Why is it that, even after spending all this money, some dogs' health seems to get worse?

And why do they feel confused?

The 7 Early Signs That Your Dog Is Slowing Down…

Is your dog showing any of these signs? 

  • Looking confused
  • Moving slower than before
  • Sleeping more
  • Bumping into things
  • Stopped playing
  • Difficulty to walk
  • Picky stomach

Your dog can’t speak, but these signs may indicate a problem. That can get worse.

What if you haven’t spotted these signs? Does it mean you don’t need to do anything?

Absolutely not… See, the best way to help your dog is to support his health before problems arise. Let me explain.

You invest in your dog’s health year-round, but sometimes it’s not enough. You might have the best vet and give your dog the best food, but what else can you do?

And… what’s the secret of those other dogs that stay sharp and strong?

Get Rid Of Your Dog’s Confusion Once And For All

There’s no reason for a dog to just “slow down.”

Whether hit by old age, bad joints, or a disease, dogs can still enjoy life and stay sharp. And to make this easier, my company developed a ground-breaking dog supplement: Petsmont Immune Support.

Yes… After seeing thousands of dogs slow down, I decided to take action. My company recruited a brain trust of eight of the very best, most knowledgeable vets in the industry today to formulate this supplement.

No expense was spared. From the initial formula to the one we sell today, 36 formulas were considered. In the 35th formula change, our vets slightly adjusted the powder size so that it would mix better with kibble. Now here comes the good part.

Each Scoop Is Filled With Organic Energy

At every step of the way, nutrients were measured and carefully inspected for purity so that each scoop of the final product could deliver the most potent boost to dogs.

This boost goes directly to their brain, to help with confusion, and to their body, to help with strength.

Once we were happy with the formula, we had the USDA certify it organic at the facility where the blend is made. Right here in the USA. This means that your dog is truly getting the best quality.

If you’re looking for a cheap-looking treat that was cooked at high temperature and has no nutritional value, our supplement is not right for you. But if you’re looking for an organic powder that can be easily mixed with any kind of dry or wet food, is formulated by vets, and can give your dog the energy and clarity he needs, you’ll like our supplement just fine.


This Ancient Mushroom Improves Dog Lives Everyday

The main ingredient in our supplement is called Turkey Tail mushroom. It looks like the fans of a Turkey.

This ancient mushroom has been studied a lot. Thousands of studies report the great benefits it provides, ranging from cancer fighting potential to reducing lumps and bumps. It’s backed by science.

It’s full of antioxidants and beta-glucans which boost the immune system. This means that your dog could start each day with more energy and have a better quality of life.

We also included Lion's Mane mushroom, whose main function is to help dogs that suffer from confusion. If your dog sometimes looks confused, or bumps into things, then this mushroom can help. It's also part of our supplement.


Give Me Two Weeks – And I’ll Have Your Senior Dog Playing Like A Puppy Again! 

Here’s where it gets very interesting. You’ll be intrigued.

A 2012 study included dogs with the following symptoms:

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Sleepiness
  • Confusion
  • Decreased appetite
  • Stopped playing
  • Increased panting
  • Weakness

Half of the dogs were given Turkey Tail mushroom. The other half nothing.

The dogs who had Turkey Tail lived on average 3 years longer than the dogs who weren’t given anything.

So if your dog is slowing down, you can help by adding Turkey Tail to his food. Which is our main ingredient.


Give Your Dog The Care You Can Be Proud Of!

But we didn’t stop there.

We added 6 other incredible mushrooms to our blend.

Each mushroom was carefully selected by vets for the powerful benefits they provide, such as:

  • Help protect the body from infection and disease so that they can live longer
  • Boost cognitive functions to reduce confusion
  • Help reduce sleepiness and inflammation so they have more energy
  • Help regenerate nerves
  • Support mobility and strength so they can walk better

By adding a tiny scoop of our blend to your dog’s food, you can help your dog have more clarity and energy.

Your dog will move faster and will have a chance of living longer. Just like those other dogs that sometimes beat the statistics and live much longer. But there’s more.


Don’t Just Take My Word And See What Others Are Saying

The Petsmont Immune Support gets 5-star reviews consistently…

That’s why our loyal dog parents keep coming back for more.

It’s trusted by vets and dog parents. And loved by pups.


Backed By Science And Guaranteed To Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Vets typically say dogs on this supplement can start feeling better after 2 weeks. You may notice that your pup doesn't look as confused as before.

After a month, the longer-term benefits start to show: a stronger immune system to resist infections and diseases, and more appetite.

After three months, dogs may have stronger joints, and look better. This means your dog will walk better and with less pain. This is typically when your neighbors and family will make subtle comments such as “What food are you giving him? He looks better than before!”

Since we believe in the long-term benefits, we give you the option to subscribe so you never miss out. The subscription gives you 20% off the regular price, and this discount is locked in.

Also, subscription orders get priority. This means that as soon as you subscribe, we process your order before any other order we receive, so you can start giving this to your dog right away.


If You Wait, Your Dog Will Miss Out…

Here’s a fact: your dog’s health is not going to improve on its own. Actually, there is a good chance that your dog's health could get worse fast if you don't do anything.

If you love your dog just as much as most dog parents, give them the natural boost they need to feel better.

This is the best way to ensure that your dog can stay by your side as long as possible.

Each day counts. The sooner you get this for your pup, the faster you will see results.


Our 60-Day Picky-Eater Guarantee

97% of dogs will absolutely love Petsmont Immune Support.

But, if for any reason at all, your dog is not in love with the taste of our supplement, we will give you a full refund up to 60 days after your purchase.

This means that you have 2 months to receive the product, use it, and let us know if you are not 100% happy with it.

Most other companies only give refunds to unopened products. Not us. Even if you have opened it, and used it, our refund policy still applies.

Email us at or call us at 1-800-756-6062 for a prompt and courteous refund.


Here Is Everything You Get

When you purchase today, you will receive a full jar of our 100% Organic Petsmont Immune Support.

By just adding a small amount to your dog’s food daily, your dog has a chance of waking up every day with more energy and clarity than before. Dogs on this supplement may experience better mobility, more appetite, and be happier than before.

The Petsmont Immune Support is nature’s life-hack to living longer than what statistics claim.


Thank you for taking the time to reading this letter, and I hope you enjoy the Petsmont Immune Support.

Leo Roux

P.S. In case you skipped to the end of this letter, here is the offer: the Petsmont Immune Support can have any senior dog play like a puppy in no time and feel less confused. It’s Made in USA and 100% Organic, formulated and approved by vets, and thousands of dog owners.

In case you’re not 100% in love with our product, we will give you a prompt and courteous refund up to 60 days after your purchase (even if you’ve used it).

So click now to get your jar today. You won’t regret it.


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