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Petsmont Giveaway

Welcome to our giveaway for a Flea Collar for Dogs! 
Petsmont is the leading brand for natural products for pets. We care about their health, and so do you!

Today only, we are giving the first 20 people who click on the link below a completely FREE Flea Collar for Dogs. Why? We are looking for feedback on this product, and we care about what you have to say!

The flea collar is made using essential oils only.

You can enter this offer by clicking this link:

Note: it will open a conversation with our chatbot in Facebook Messenger.

Note 2: hurry up, this is only available today & for the first 20 people who click.

Time is ticking... Click here to grab your free flea collar before we run out of free units.


By the way, do you want to join...

Today's your lucky day, because we love to give back to our community. After the 20 flea collars are gone, you are welcome to purchase the product at regular price (currently $18.97 on Amazon and our website).

But again, if you want it for free before the offer ends, get in touch through Facebook Messenger:


Talk to you soon!

Leo Roux

Petsmont CEO