The Most Popular Pet Industry Trends for 2020

Just like any other market out there, pet services and pet product trends tend to fluctuate year in and year out. 2020 is going to be a big year, in terms of pet trends that are on the rise in popularity. Some of these trends you may already be familiar with, such as the switch to organic pet food, social experiences geared towards including pets, and of course, the shift towards online pet supply subscriptions. 

Organic Food for Your Pet

The switch to organic and natural food is something that's been happening for humans as well as their pets. Whatever is good for us is good for our pets right? We've been working hard to eliminate artificial ingredients from the food made for humans for some time now. It's about time we've done the same for our animal friends who trust us to make the best decisions for their health and well being.

Pet food producers should be well aware of this trend, as pet owners are becoming more willing to pay the extra buck for organic or natural pet food when it is available. Not only is it where the money is, but it's also in the best interest of our pets. 

Taking Your Pet Out On Adventures With You

We've always considered our pets to be a true member of the family, but in 2020, pet owners are taking that to the next level. Owners are making their pets a part of the various social experiences that they take on. Owners are taking their pets along on their travels, out to experience the nightlife scene, and with them to any other experiences where their pets are allowed to be with them. 

Companies should be aware that this trend is on the rise. Making products or experiences that allow the family pet to join in on the fun is beneficial to business and pet owners alike. 

Pet Supply Subscription Services

Online shopping as a whole is always on an upward trend, but now pet supply subscription services have joined in on the fun. Pet owners are enjoying this automated system of subscribing to have their pet's food, medications, or treats delivered to them automatically regularly. Rather than worrying about getting out and shopping, or even carrying a 50lb bag of dog food into their home from the car, they sign up to have it delivered to their dog step automatically.


Having a pet is never going to go out of fashion, meaning taking care of them will always be a prominent necessarily. Some pet owners will even admit that they do more in the way of caring for their pets than they do for themselves at times. Keeping up on the trends of the pet industry trends is important for companies in that field just as much as it is for the owners. Both will benefit greatly from knowing what the newest and best things on the market for pets are. 

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